Blendtec Vs Vitamix

My all time favorite cooking tip is to have a really good high quality blender, like the Blendtec or the Vitamix. Both blenders are good quality. Make sure you invest in one of these two blender, they are like having two blender’s in one. They can be used to chop, slice, puree, mix, mash and whip, I don’t know what else. These blenders are expensive but you will have 2 blender’s in one and they are like having 3 cooks in one.

When you purchase a Blendtec or a Vita Mix you need to purchase an attachment called the Whipper Tool. This attachment turns the handles of the blender into a pair of scissors. You can use this attachment to cut meat very quickly very cleanly. You can do any operation you want with these blender’s, I say no more. You can chop, dice, slice, shred, chop, dice, mince, stir, mix, mash, puree, whish, grind, mince, slosh, and puree, I don’t know what else. You can do a lot with these blender’s.

I have a Blendtec and I rarely use the Whipper Tool but when I do I use it to chop celery very quickly very easily. The high quality blender should do all the same things and more. What you need to do is figure out what type of blender you need and then purchase a Whipper Tool to match that type. In my Vita Mix which has a built in Whipper Tool, the Whipper Tool is simply a handle with some hooks on it to hold the blade in place. I buy the Whipper Tool at a store where I buy my Blendtec’s and I keep them in a different place where I store my Vita Mix. The Whipper Tool is great for cutting meat very quickly and cleanly and without worry about damaging the blade.

You do not need a heavy duty blender to perform all the small tasks that you do every day. The blender you buy should come in a small case that can go in your purse or in a briefcase, it should be small and light enough that you can pack it and put it in a small bin or a pocket, it should blend, chop, dice, slice, shred, grind, mince, slosh, and puree all your veggies and sauces and even eggs and cream.

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