SEE IN DARKNESS – We are the first to feature a no glow infrared illuminator which allows you to view animals in total darkness

LONG LASTING – This infrared monocular can run up to 6 hours on a charge with ease.

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The added 1.5 inch TFT screen allows you to see your images as soon as they are captured. It is also great for people with no experience with photography as they will be able to see the details they’ve captured much earlier in the process.

NIGHT VISION MONOCULAR – A high definition digital night vision monocular with 4x digital zoom and 3x optical magnification.

The KIT includes – This infrared monocular comes with a 32GB SD card, USB cable and quick start guide.

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Creative XP night vision goggles are an innovative product that has revolutionized the world of night vision technology. The goggles are designed to provide excellent night vision without the use of light emitting diodes or lasers.

Creative XP night vision goggles provide the user with a very clear, bright and crisp image of whatever it is they are looking at. The goggles are extremely light weight and comfortable to wear. They are designed for use in the dark.

Creative XP monocular night vision goggles have an excellent field of view. The field of view is so wide that you can see everything around you in a single glance. This allows the user to keep their eyes focused on whatever it is they want to see.

Creative XP Goggles Allow you to see in the pitch black dark!

Creative XP goggles also feature a wide angle lens which makes objects appear much closer than they actually are. The wide angle lens also provides a wider field of view. This makes it possible for the user to see objects that would otherwise be out of reach.

Creative XP goggle features a high resolution lens. The lens is so clear that the user will not even notice that they are wearing the goggles. The lenses are coated with a special anti-reflective coating which prevents light from bouncing off the lenses. This makes it possible for users to see objects clearly in low light conditions.

Creative XP’s night vision goggles are easy to use. They are simple to operate and easy to adjust. The goggles have a head strap which makes it possible for the user’s hands to remain free. The head strap is adjustable which allows the user to find the best fit.

Creative XP also offers a variety of other accessories including a carrying case, batteries and cleaning kit. All of these accessories are necessary to make sure the goggles perform as well as they should.

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