Eliminate Brassiness & Revive Hair – Bold Uniq Purple Mask – Cruelty Free & Vegan

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Review of Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask


The Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask is a revolutionary product designed for individuals with blonde, platinum, bleached, silver, gray, ash, and brassy hair. This hair mask not only removes yellow tones and reduces brassiness but also conditions dry and damaged hair. In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of this product, as well as its potential disadvantages.

Application 1: Removing Yellow Tones

The Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask is specifically formulated to eliminate yellow tones from color-treated hair. By using the mask regularly, individuals with blonde, platinum, gray, or silver hair can maintain their desired cool-toned look. The purple-violet color of the mask effectively neutralizes the brassiness, resulting in vibrant and salon-fresh hair.


  • Removes yellow tones effectively
  • Helps maintain a cool-toned appearance
  • Leaves hair vibrant and salon-fresh


  • May require consistent use for optimal results
  • Could potentially stain hands and clothing

Application 2: Reducing Brassiness

For those with bleached hair that has become brassy over time, the Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask offers a simple and effective solution. Its unique formulation subtly neutralizes brassiness, restoring the desired cool shade. Say goodbye to unwanted warm tones and hello to beautifully toned hair.


  • Effective at reducing brassiness
  • Restores cool tones to bleached hair
  • Enhances the overall appearance


  • May require regular use to maintain results
  • Could potentially cause dryness if overused

Application 3: Conditioning Dry, Damaged Hair

The Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask goes beyond toning to provide essential hydration for dry and damaged hair. The natural oils, like coconut and marula oil, contained in this mask help to nourish and strengthen the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and revitalized. Whether you have color-treated hair or not, this conditioner is suitable for all hair types.


  • Deeply conditions dry and damaged hair
  • Nourishes and strengthens the hair
  • Leaves hair soft, smooth, and revitalized


  • May not be suitable for extremely oily hair
  • Could potentially weigh down fine hair


The Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask is a versatile and effective product that offers multiple benefits for individuals with blonde, platinum, bleached, silver, gray, ash, and brassy hair. It removes yellow tones, reduces brassiness, and conditions dry and damaged hair. Regular use of this product can help maintain vibrant, salon-fresh hair. However, it may require consistent application for optimal results and could potentially cause staining on hands and clothing. Despite these minor drawbacks, the advantages of this purple hair mask far outweigh the disadvantages.

Pros and Cons


  • Removes yellow tones effectively
  • Reduces brassiness and restores cool tones
  • Conditions dry, damaged hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Cruelty-free and vegan


  • Requires consistent use for optimal results
  • Possible staining on hands and clothing
  • May not be suitable for extremely oily hair
  • Potential to weigh down fine hair

Technical Details


Feature Product Fact

Question and Answer Section

Question 1: Can this hair mask be used on natural black hair?

Answer: Yes, it can be used on natural black hair to enhance shine and provide conditioning benefits. However, since the mask is specifically formulated for toning, it may not have the same color-correcting effect on black hair as it does on lighter hair colors.

Question 2: How often should I use this hair mask?

Answer: It is recommended to use the Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask once or twice a week, depending on your hair’s needs. Adjust the frequency as necessary to maintain your desired hair color and condition.

Question 3: Will this hair mask make my hair greasy?

Answer: No, this hair mask is formulated to provide lightweight conditioning without leaving a greasy residue. However, it is important to apply the mask evenly and rinse it thoroughly to avoid any potential buildup.

Question 4: Does this product contain sulfates or parabens?

Answer: No, the Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask is free from sulfates and parabens. It is also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, making it a great choice for those who prioritize ethical and sustainable hair care.

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