Elyce Monet: Crafting Literary Marvels and Inspiring Minds

Prepare to immerse yourself in an enigmatic world of words, where the essence of Elyce Monet’s brilliance lies. Within these pages, we shall unravel the intricacies of a visionary author whose labyrinthine narratives lead us to the thresholds of authenticity and self-discovery. Brace yourself for a mind-bending adventure as we uncover the profound depths of Elyce Monet’s literary creations, embracing the inexplicable and igniting a flame within our souls.

Here’s her website: https://elycemonet.com   

Monet’s raw honesty and vulnerability as she unravels the complexities of self-discovery. Grab your copy now and embark on a life-altering journey! Available on Amazon.

Monet’s transformative words will lead you on a profound journey of inner growth, empowering you to tap into the healing power within. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace holistic well-being! Available on Amazon.

Elise Monet was warmly welcomed by the audience, and she shared some exciting details about her book. She mentioned that her book is currently available for only $12.99, offering a great value to readers. What makes it even better is that a portion of the proceeds from the book sales goes towards supporting veteran charities, adding a meaningful aspect to the purchase.

Elise Monet also discussed the significance of external elements being reflections of our internal thoughts, emphasizing the power of self-awareness and taking responsibility for our lives. She shared her personal journey of cleaning up her life and co-creating the reality she desired, highlighting the transformative potential that lies within each individual.

The conversation touched upon various topics, including the teachings of Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys, which explore the role of genetics in shaping our lives. Elise Monet expressed her interest in doing genetics charts and delving deeper into this fascinating subject.

The event concluded with expressions of gratitude and enthusiasm for the information shared. Elise Monet’s presence and insights left a lasting impression on the audience, inspiring them to explore their own genetic makeup and embrace personal transformation.

Overall, the event provided a glimpse into Elise Monet’s profound wisdom and the transformative power of her book. Her journey of self-discovery and the support she provides to veteran charities make her work even more meaningful and impactful.


[05:41.520 –> 05:48.520] So everybody, I want everybody to give a very warm Amazon welcome to Elise Monet
[45:41.520 –> 45:43.520] So you’re solid and good
[35:41.520 –> 35:43.520] It’s only $12.99 today
[55:43.520 –> 55:56.520] Now, what is also really great is the fact that a portion of the proceeds goes to support the veterans, veteran charities.
[45:43.520 –> 45:44.520] For waterproof
[25:43.520 –> 25:49.520] It’s that all these external elements, yet the external is an echo of the internal thoughts
[35:43.520 –> 35:45.520] Good, yes, thank you
[45:44.520 –> 45:46.520] So you get eight hours
[15:44.520 –> 15:49.520] And I learned all of these things I had control of
[35:45.520 –> 35:47.520] And so I think both of you
[45:46.520 –> 45:48.520] On low light
[35:47.520 –> 35:48.520] Is a pleasure meeting you
[05:48.520 –> 05:50.520] Woo hoo!
[45:48.520 –> 45:50.520] And you get
[35:48.520 –> 35:51.520] And Amy, I’m happy to do your genetics chart
[25:49.520 –> 25:56.520] That’s a really hard one for people because people, I think when they hear that
[15:49.520 –> 15:54.520] I was co-creating all of this mess in my life
[05:50.520 –> 05:52.520] Elise, Elise, Elise
[45:50.520 –> 45:52.520] At least two and a half hours
[35:51.520 –> 35:53.520] And we can talk about that at any time
[05:52.520 –> 05:54.520] It’s a pleasure to see you again
[45:52.520 –> 45:54.520] On maximum ultra bright
[35:53.520 –> 35:56.520] Oh, I would be fascinated
[15:54.520 –> 15:58.520] And when I accepted responsibility for that and said, okay
[05:54.520 –> 05:57.520] Try to appreciate
[45:54.520 –> 45:56.520] And of course you’re only turning it on and off
[25:56.520 –> 25:59.520] They’re like, yeah, but they did this thing to me
[35:56.520 –> 35:57.520] Like what that looks like
[55:56.520 –> 56:03.520] So a portion of the proceeds of all the profits go to veteran charities.
[45:56.520 –> 45:58.520] What I love, this is also great for hard hats
[05:57.520 –> 06:01.520] Thank you very much, I appreciate you having me on
[35:57.520 –> 35:58.520] Holy cow, yeah
[35:58.520 –> 36:00.520] No, it’s very good
[15:58.520 –> 16:02.520] Well, if I created all this, then I can discreate it
[45:58.520 –> 46:00.520] You’ve got your hat on your hard hat
[25:59.520 –> 26:04.520] And they hold on to it and they’re like, you don’t understand what happened to me
[36:00.520 –> 36:03.520] And I ascribed to the teachings by Richard Rudd
[46:00.520 –> 46:02.520] You put this up on top of it
[06:01.520 –> 06:09.520] It is a pleasure, I’m excited by your little biography there and the information coming in
[46:02.520 –> 46:04.520] And you’re good to go
[16:02.520 –> 16:07.520] And so then I went on a journey to cleaning up my life
[56:03.520 –> 56:10.520] So this is a great thing for you and a great thing for the veteran charities.
[36:03.520 –> 36:05.520] Called Gene Keys
[26:04.520 –> 26:08.520] It was interesting, I actually made a post today and it said
[46:04.520 –> 46:06.520] You’re not
[36:05.520 –> 36:06.520] And so I’d like to
[36:06.520 –> 36:09.520] You know, you can buy that on Amazon as well
[46:06.520 –> 46:08.520] You’re safety-wise
[16:07.520 –> 16:11.520] And creating it the way I wanted it to be
[46:08.520 –> 46:10.520] Everything else
[26:08.520 –> 26:13.520] If you’re not kind to unkind people, you are one of them
[06:09.520 –> 06:12.520] A lot of wonderful things to share with
[36:09.520 –> 36:10.520] Okay
[46:10.520 –> 46:12.520] Really, really good
[56:10.520 –> 56:14.520] So that’s also it.
[36:10.520 –> 36:12.520] And Gene Keys
[16:11.520 –> 16:17.520] Rather than habits and patterns formed from all those years before
[46:12.520 –> 46:14.520] And the motion sensor
[06:12.520 –> 06:19.520] Maybe the first thing you should do is clarify what all those clear elements are
[36:12.520 –> 36:15.520] Is all about the genetic
[26:13.520 –> 26:17.520] Unconditional kindness is not a declaration of who deserves it
[46:14.520 –> 46:16.520] So you’ve got it on and you walk into a shop
[56:14.520 –> 56:16.520] I love it.
[36:15.520 –> 36:17.520] Awareness
[46:16.520 –> 46:18.520] Trunk, just turn it off
[56:16.520 –> 56:17.520] Awesome.
[36:17.520 –> 36:20.520] And how we move into a higher
[16:17.520 –> 16:19.520] And so that’s what it’s all about
[56:17.520 –> 56:21.520] Well, I have been enjoying this projector projection alarm clock.
[26:17.520 –> 26:20.520] It’s a declaration of who you are
[46:18.520 –> 46:20.520] You need to walk back out, turn it on
[16:19.520 –> 16:22.520] The genetics are the big piece of that
[06:19.520 –> 06:27.520] Sure, the clear sentience I had most of my life, I just didn’t know exactly what it was
[36:20.520 –> 36:22.520] Vibration, vibrational reality
[46:20.520 –> 46:22.520] You’re walking in and out of a lit area
[26:20.520 –> 26:24.520] And there was somebody that jumped on there and kind of argued with me about it
[56:21.520 –> 56:23.520] We don’t really use an alarm clock.
[36:22.520 –> 36:24.520] Yeah, well maybe we’ll have you do my gene keys
[46:22.520 –> 46:24.520] And you need to turn it on and off
[16:22.520 –> 16:26.520] Because your genetics map out what’s your life’s going to be
[56:23.520 –> 56:26.520] Neither of us truly go kind of wake up.
[46:24.520 –> 46:26.520] Nice and easily
[26:24.520 –> 26:28.520] About basically saying there’s a difference between unkind and abusive people
[36:24.520 –> 36:26.520] And we’ll have you back on again
[56:26.520 –> 56:28.520] But this is it.
[16:26.520 –> 16:29.520] And what you came to learn in this lifetime
[46:26.520 –> 46:28.520] The motion sensor is great for that
[36:26.520 –> 36:28.520] There you go, I’d love to do that

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