Indulge in Summer Bliss: 6oz. Bergamot & Jasmine Candle

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Benevolence LA Bergamot & Jasmine Scented Candle

Enjoy the luxury experience with these elegant black candles. Made of 100% natural soy wax and strong natural essential oils, they will transform your space with their lovely aroma.

Natural Aroma

This bergamot & jasmine scented candle offers delicately clean and uplifting aromas of bergamot, orange in combination with the floral jasmine, lilly of the valley, completed with musk, sandalwood, and cedar notes. These long lasting candles will invigorate your senses with their exquisite scents.

Clean Burn

Made from natural products, these decorative candles have a clean burn lasting at least 35 hours. These 6 oz natural candles for home are free from paraffin and harmful residues.

Gifts That Give Back

Every scented candle purchased results in a donation to our charity partner Zoe International. Every candle brings light to the darkness of human trafficking.

Velas Aromaticas Para El Hogar

Disfruta de la experiencia de lujo con estas elegantes velas negras. Hechas de cera de soya 100% natural y fuertes aceites esenciales naturales, estas velas transformarán tu espacio con su encantador aroma.

Technical Details


Feature Product Fact

Pros and Cons

  • + Highly scented
  • + Made of 100% natural soy wax
  • + Long-lasting burn time of at least 35 hours
  • + Clean burn without paraffin or harmful residues
  • + Purchase supports charity partner Zoe International
  • – Limited choice of scents
  • – Not suitable for those with fragrance sensitivities

Question and Answer Section

Question 1: How long does the fragrance last?

Answer: The fragrance of the Benevolence LA Bergamot & Jasmine Scented Candle lasts throughout the entire burn time of 35 hours.

Question 2: Can the candle be used outdoors?

Answer: We recommend using this candle indoors to fully enjoy its aroma and prevent any damage from wind or outdoor elements.

Question 3: Is the candle made with lead-free wicks?

Answer: Yes, the candle is made with lead-free cotton wicks for a safe and clean burn.

Question 4: Are the candles packaged in an eco-friendly manner?

Answer: Yes, the Benevolence LA Bergamot & Jasmine Scented Candles are packaged in eco-friendly materials, ensuring a sustainable and responsible choice.

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