Kyle Maynard No Excuses

About 8 years before we took this photo with Kyle Maynard, Jamie Honey (my hubby on the left) and myself (Amy Honey on the far right), were sitting in a seminar with trainer and expert in training trainers – David Woods. As David took us on a very emotional journey as to the excuses we use in our lives not to make that phone call, or not to take that risk, how we procrastinate, and all of our reasons……. and he showed us Kyle’s story below, and then just asked us, ‘what’s your excuse’? Because even though to us, our ‘reasons’ seem totally justified, at the end of the day, they are really just excuses, aren’t they? Fast forward 8 years, and we got to meet Kyle. He’s one of the most capable individuals I’ve ever met.

Far left Jamie Honey, Middle Kyle Maynard, Far right Amy Jo Honey -
Jamie Honey, Kyle Maynard, Amy Jo Honey
Kyle Maynard Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

Kyle Maynard has no excuses. And he gives a lot of credit to his upbringing. I want you to take a moment and watch his story, watch the video above. And then write down on a piece of paper all the things you’ve wanted to do, but, have been putting off. Then, on the other side of the paper, write down all the ‘reasons’ you haven’t achieved it yet.

Now, take a look at all those things you’ve wanted to achieve but haven’t yet….. and write down what you do first thing in the morning. Do you grab your phone? Grab a coffee? Scroll through social media? Be honest, how much time do you spend in the morning NOT taking actions towards the things you say you desire the most? Powerful, huh? Are you out of excuses yet?

Okay, let’s take it one step further. What action could you take right now today toward one of your goals? Is it a phone call? Here’s the thing. Go as far as you can. Don’t tell yourself no, let other people tell you no, and then figure out the next step. Just keep going.

Now, every time you feel like giving up, just think of Kyle Maynard climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, with no arms, and no legs. You could also grab Kyle’s book, ‘No Excuses’, and I promise, you will stop holding yourself back. You will stop getting in your own way, you will become a part of the solution you are desiring.

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