Love My Travel Hacks With Fun Anker Electronics

I was introduced to Anker products back in 2016 by my best friend Ginni. She knew I traveled and needed long distance phone charging capabilities, and she bought me my first Anker Charger as a gift. Now, I rely on Anker and I love my travel hacks with fun anger electronics, which is why I was so excited when they decided to partner with me as a sponsor!

Travel Hack #1 With Anker Electronics – the Cube

Great for cruise ships, or anywhere

If you travel a lot, I recommend traveling with one of these. You’ve got 3 plug ins, 2 USB ports, and one USB-C ports. If all the plugs are taken, someone is bound to share one with you when you plug this easy to carry guy in and expand your reach out to 6 new plug ins!

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