Removing Emotional Baggage And Physical Pain With Dr. Bradley Nelson

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Did you know that ninety percent of the physical pain that people have is due to emotional baggage? Sounds unbelievable? Dr. Bradley Nelson and 8,000 practitioners have proven this time and time again. Packed within his bestselling book, The Emotion Code, Dr. Nelson lays down all the findings that point to emotional baggage as the underlying reason. He joins the show to take us deeper into his work, getting to the root of every problem in our health. The book is designed to help you find whatever that emotional baggage is and remove it. Join this episode and discover how you can release what is holding you back. Plus, witness a demonstration. It is easier than you think.

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Removing Emotional Baggage And Physical Pain With Dr. Bradley Nelson

Creator Of The Emotion Code – Getting To The Root Of Every Problem

I am super excited about the guest that we have coming.

This guy is a rockstar, especially in the field I’ve studied over the last many years.

I don’t get nervous very often, but you guys saw me get nervous with Barbara Huson, and you might see me get a little nervous with Dr. Bradley Nelson because I’m a huge fan as well. He was a veteran holistic physician. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on natural methods of achieving wellness.

He has trained thousands of certified practitioners worldwide, including my husband, to help people overcome physical and emotional discomfort by releasing their emotional baggage. This is so important, guys. His bestselling book, The Emotion Code, is available on Audible. I believe it’s zero. You can grab it for no money. It’s free.

The information is so valuable. You have to grab this and follow through on learning some of the information. Let’s introduce the awesome guy. We can have him on to chat.

His bestselling book, The Emotion Code, provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s energy healing power. There’s a version that’s out as of May 2019. He’s going to tell us so much more than I can tell you. I could go on and on about this guy, but I’m going to let him talk to you, guys. Dr. Brad, how’s it going?

Fantastic. It’s great to see both of you. Thanks for having me on.

We’re so glad you’re here.

It’s awesome to see you again.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, I love what you do with The Emotion Code. I have been very close friends with lots of chiropractors and a big believer in chiropractic. Many of them used similar things. I found it to be very effective because, in my mind, if there’s any dis-ease or discomfort in the body, it probably starts with emotion. Would you agree with that?

Ninety percent of the physical pain that people have is due to emotional baggage. It sounds impossible and unbelievable, but it is true. We’ve been proving it over and over all over the world. We’ve got over 8,000 practitioners of The Emotion Code in 80 countries around the world. We’re all finding the same thing. It’s true that physical pain, 9 times out of 10, has emotional baggage as the underlying reason.

Ninety percent of the physical pain that people have is due to emotional baggage. #HoneyDARElove Click To Tweet

If you fall down and you break your nose on the sidewalk, there’s that pain too from trauma. Most of the pain that people have that’s chronic that isn’t going away is from emotional baggage. It happens all the time. It’s not only physical pain, but our emotional baggage also is the biggest underlying cause of our depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, eating disorders, and self-sabotage of all kinds.

There’s even more. In all of these years that I’ve been doing this, every disease process that I have seen as a holistic doctor, working with people, always had an emotional component. I want you to think about this. If you have some symptom in your life, whether it’s mental, emotional or physical, if you’re dealing with any of these things we’ve talked about, or if you’ve been diagnosed with some disease process, it’s almost without question, there is an emotional component to that problem.

The Emotion Code is designed to help you find whatever that emotional baggage is and remove that emotional baggage. You can do this yourself or we’ve got practitioners all over the world that can do it for you. Because it’s energy medicine, it can be done live and in person, or it can also be done at a distance. We have all these practitioners around the world, and most of them work with other people that are in other countries. Most of whom they’ll probably never meet, but many of whose lives will be changed. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

We use it a lot. Jamie was certified in The Emotion Code before we met you and then we met you. On a daily basis, he uses it for one of our family members. It’s been fabulous.

It’s an easy method to learn. One of the most powerful things about it is that it’s so simple. Kids can learn how to do it. They are around the world and getting great results. Sometimes, it takes longer for adults to learn how to do it than kids because kids don’t know what they aren’t supposed to be able to do.

Would you like to demo it to me? I’m nervous that my own personal baggage is going to come out, but I’m willing to do it.

Absolutely. You don’t have to have any symptoms at all to use The Emotion Code, but I’ll ask you if you do have anything that’s going on that’s bothering you in any way.

I have got a couple of things. I’ve had chronic hip pain, but it’s been going away. I’ve been using these patches. It’s been helping, but it’s still a little bit there. Let’s try that.

The patches are responding to your physical sensation, but the underlying energetic cause might still be there.

MTA 4 | The Emotion Code
The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness


Yes, because I’m having to use them.

It could be. On a 0 to 10 scale, how would you rate your discomfort level in the hip? 0 being no discomfort and 10 is going to the ER.

I’d say it’s a four, maybe.

That’s significant that you’re feeling it. We have a chart of emotions here. This is what The Emotion Code book looks like. We have a chart of emotions that you’ll see also in the book. This isn’t something that you have to have, the chart’s in the book and you can find them online and so on. It’s called The Emotion Code chart.

There are 60 emotions in this chart divided up into 2 columns and 6 rows. When we’re working with somebody at a distance or live and in person, what we do is talk to their subconscious mind because the subconscious mind of the individual knows exactly what emotional baggage they have. The Emotion Code is simply a way to decode what a person’s emotional baggage is.

The first thing we’ll do is have a moment of silence so I can ask for some help from up above. I happen to believe in a higher power. That’s one of the things that we teach people. If you try to do this on your own under your own power, you’re limited. If you ask for help from that higher power, if you believe in a higher power, then that’s great. It’s not a prerequisite for this, but it does help.

I’ll be using this method of muscle testing. In order for us to tap into the subconscious mind of another person or our own subconscious mind, we have to have some way to get those answers. We use muscle testing, which was developed originally back in the 1960s by Dr. George Goodheart. This is a modification of that, where we’re simply asking questions and getting answers. I’ll be getting answers on my own body.

The body is strong when you make a congruent statement. The body is a little bit weaker for a few seconds when you make a statement that is incongruent, untrue or negative. I’m going to be working on Amy at a distance. I don’t have any idea where you guys are, but it doesn’t matter because, in quantum physics, there are some very interesting principles that tell us that all of us are connected and that we can entangle our energies. It’s a principle in quantum physics known as entanglement.

We can entangle our energies at a distance, and then we can do something that in physics is called collapsing the wave function of whatever is going on into a new, different reality. It’s complex. I have a new book coming out that’s going to explain it in more detail, but here’s what it looks like essentially. I’ll be testing on myself here. I’ll be using the ring and ring methods.

What you’ll see is that my fingers will stay together. If the answer coming from Amy’s subconscious mind is yes, the rings will break apart because my body will be slightly weaker. If the answer coming from Amy’s subconscious mind to mine is no, the first thing I want to know is, are we connected energetically? In other words, is our energy entangled so that we can work together? The answer is yes, that’s strong. By the way, which hip is this?

It’s the right hip, but I might want to switch it to my lungs because that’s more severe than my hip, if that’s okay.

Let’s go ahead and do your hip first, and see if we can make a difference there and then we can do the lung.

We don’t have to do both. I don’t want your whole healing session on here.

Most of the chronic pain people have that isn't going away is from emotional baggage. #HoneyDARElove Click To Tweet

I can teach as we go.

This can happen quickly.

Which hip did you say it was?

Right hip.

We’ll go ahead and see what we can find quickly here on the hip. Is there a trapped emotion that we can release? Trapped emotion is emotional energy that’s gotten trapped in the body during some emotional event, our emotional baggage. Do you have a trapped emotion we can release that is contributing to this trouble in your hip? The answer that I get is yes. That’s coming from your subconscious mind.

We look at the chart of emotions. I have no idea what emotion this is, but is this emotion listed in the chart in Column B? The answer is no. That means it has to be in Column A. We’ve eliminated half the emotions on the list. It’s in Column A. There are six rows. Is it in one of the odd rows in Column A? That’s yes. We have 15 emotions left out of 60. Is it in row one in Column A? No. Is it in row three in Column A? That’s a yes. Is the emotion crying? No. Is it discouragement or rejection? The emotion is rejection.

The question that we ask is, “Do we need to know more about this?” Sometimes the subconscious mind will want us to dig a little deeper and bring a little more to conscious awareness before it will allow us to release that energy and close the loop on that emotional event. Do we need to know more about this? We don’t. I’ll take this magnet and I’m going to swipe it over my governing meridian, which goes from the tailbone over the top of the head.

It’s a few swipes there like taking a credit card out of your wallet and wiping a magnet on the magnetic strip. It erases the data that’s contained there, and you need to get a new credit card. That’s how we release these trapped emotions. It’s the same thing. Let’s ask, “Did we release that trapped emotion from you?” Yes. Why don’t you do this? Maybe move around in your chair a little bit. Maybe move your knees up and down a little, or even get up and walk for a second if you want. There you go. Sit back down. It was about a four. How would you say it is now on a 0 to 10 scale?

I’d say it’s probably at a one.

That’s good. It’s not unusual at all when we do this work and you can learn how to do this yourself when people are in pain. It’s fun because 9 times 10, that pain is emotional baggage. You release some emotions and you see the pain go away. It’s the most addicting thing. It’s unbelievable, but you have to try it to see that this is real, that we’re not making this up. What’s going on with your lungs?

I had COVID in 2019. I don’t think there’s a term for it, but people are calling it long COVID. My acupuncturist calls it dampness in the body. I can’t seem to get rid of the phlegm or the cough.

MTA 4 | The Emotion Code
The Emotion Code: The Emotion Code is designed to help you find whatever that emotional baggage is and remove that.


If you try taking a deep breath, how would you rate your ability to take a deep breath on a 0 to 10 scale?

Not good. It’s like clogged.

With 10 being your ability to take a full, deep breath, where would you say you’re at?

I’d say it’s a 6 or 7. I can force a deep breath, but it’s going to make me cough.

Let’s see if we can’t make a change there. Most of the symptoms that people have are due to their emotional baggage. It’s astounding, but people are finding out this is real. Let’s ask this question. Do you have a trapped emotion we can release that is contributing to these lung symptoms that you’ve described? The answer is yes, you do.

We go to the chart and we’ve got two columns. We’ll ask, “Is the emotion in Column A?” No. It’s in Column B. Is it in one of the odd rows in Column B? Yes. Is it in row one in Column B? No. Is it in row three in Column B? No. It’s in row five in Column B. Those emotions are conflict. Is that it? No. Is it creative insecurity? No. Is it terror? No. Is it unsupported? No. Is it wishy washy? No.

Here’s the thing. When you’re taken to a column and a row in The Emotion Code, and you can’t identify the emotion and none of them turn out to be what you’re looking for, that’s a clue that the emotion was inherited. We inherit emotional energy at conception from our parents. Just about everybody inherits something and some of us inherit more than others. Our parents might have received some of this emotional energy from their parents and so on. These can go back sometimes for generations, but your subconscious mind knows all about it.

Let’s ask, “Is this an inherited, trapped emotion?” Your subconscious mind says yes. Is it inherited conflict? No. Is it inherited creative insecurity? No. Is it inherited terror? That’s a yes answer, inherited terror. Scientists are finding out that animals do pass down traumatic memories. They’re finding out that animals will do this for about fourteen generations. With human beings, it can go back even further, usually not more than about 25. In your case, let’s find out where this came from. Did you get this from your mother? The answer is no. It came from your father. That’s the only other possibility.

Did he get this from somebody earlier? He did. From his father? Yes. Does it go back even further? It does. This goes back further. Does it go back ten generations? No. Nine from you? No. Eight, no. Seven? It goes back seven generations total from you. That’s roughly 200 years, give or take. Let’s ask, “Do we need to know anything else about this?” We don’t.

Here’s the thing. You mentioned that you had COVID and since then, you’ve had this congestion. You have to understand that in the body, you can have something like this from birth that will create a weakness in there. When COVID comes along, you get sick and then you don’t recover from it like you should because of this preexisting imbalance in the energy field that we’re going to release and we’ll see what difference it makes.

When we find an inherited, trapped emotion like this, we use ten swipes to release it because we’re releasing it not only from you but also, in this case, from your father and his father, and all those other generations all the way back. At least, that’s what the subconscious mind of every single individual tells us for years and years of doing this work. Did we release that successfully? Yes. Did it also release all those ancestors? That did. What I want you to do is maybe get up and move around a little bit if you want to, and try breathing a little bit. It was about a seven before.

Most of the symptoms that people have are due to their emotional baggage. #HoneyDARElove Click To Tweet

I walked over to get my water.

She’s multitasking, walking and getting her water.

My breathing opened up considerably a lot. You could hear. There’s no raspiness. The raspy in the breathing is gone.

How would you rate it now?

If my ability was the ability to do it at a 10, then it’s at a 7 or 8. My ability not to do it would be, I don’t know. I’m confused on the numbers.

It’s improved anyway.

Before you used 7 as the inability, and now you’re using 7 as the ability. Before it was a 3, it’s up to a 7 or 8 for your ability to take in a full deep breath.

In a nutshell, that’s how this works. I tell people for years, “Learn how to do this. It’s easy. You can learn it in the book.” The first time that you try this on a loved one or a friend and you see an immediate result, you’re going to get hooked on this. The first time that you do this, and you see an immediate change in someone that’s on the other side of the planet or on the other side of the country, your life is going to change at that moment. It’s inevitable and that’s what’s happened all over the world.

It’s so fascinating because before you said it was terror, I knew it was going to be terror.


Yes. I knew that it had to be that emotion out of all of those, but I thought it was going to be on my mom’s side because I was adopted. When I was born, my mom was in terror at that time because she had been having an affair with another man, so her husband kicked her out. This is in 1969. She’s out on the street with no ability to own a credit card, just by herself, pregnant.

MTA 4 | The Emotion Code
The Emotion Code: Trapped emotion is emotional energy that’s gotten trapped in the body during some emotional event, our emotional baggage.


I still don’t know who the dad is. I’m pretty sure he was terrified that she was about to have a baby, because he was married, too, at the time. To know that there’s a backlog of that terror that he probably did have in that emotion, at that moment, he probably was terrified. He probably was in terror. It was inherited as well.

If you think about it, this emotion of terror originated 200 years ago. You have no way of knowing what was going on then, but this is through your biological father. Through his line seven generations back from you, someone had something very scary that happened. It’s been so interesting over the years to work with people whose great-great-grandfather was in some war or their eighth great grandmother was in the pogroms or was a slave or whatever.

To find the emotional baggage that’s been passed down is fascinating. The results from removing emotional baggage, whether it’s your own that you picked up during your own lifespan from birth until now, or whether it’s something that was picked up at conception from an ancestor, the results can be can be quite amazing and life-changing.

Lord knows I’ve picked enough of my own baggage up through this.

Speaking from experience, it is quite impressive and amazing. I was introduced to the book because people knew that I was in the different forms of energy healing, and energy being what everything is created from. The quantum physics and all those elements are very exciting. They’re like, “Have you read this book?” I’m like, “No,” so I got a digital version, which you guys can take advantage of and get this information. I did that and then I’m like, “This is phenomenal.”

There’s a course that I could get certified in the understanding of it. I’m like, “I want that.” I want to be able to do this for myself first confidently. First of all, it was all a hot wall. There’s something stopping my heart from fully expressing my soul, then yes. I want to fix that. My first desire was being, “I can do it for my wife and my sister. I can help other people.”

I went and did the course. Through that process, I’ve been able to help many people. It was truly thrilling, yet there were times when I thought, “I know what this is,” but my muscle testing is like, “What do you mean I got to know? I’m pretty positive.” My subconscious mind was more connected and more aware of the energy.

I go through the journey of trying to find out what it was from what I learned in the book and the course. I discovered things like I myself was a time-traveling detective, to find this one little moment that’s put everybody off-kilter from that person. It truly is thrilling and exciting. I’ve got certifications in Reiki, other energy healing modalities, and the hypnosis. I came across this and I’m like, “This is my go-to.”

It cuts to the chase. It’s the fastest and quickest process.

It is the most soulful process that I’ve discovered. I was so grateful that you formulated it, created it, and made it so accessible for people to do the same thing.

To me, it’s logical because if you think about DNA and we still don’t know everything about DNA, but why wouldn’t things be passed down in our DNA? They still haven’t uncovered everything that our DNA does, but it does a lot more than we think, I’m pretty sure. One of the things that impressed me as I watched Dr. Bradley Nelson was that he counted and talked at the same time. That was impressive.

The heart truly is the core of your being. #HoneyDARElove Click To Tweet

Thank you. It’s taken me years to develop that skill.

You’ve done that once or twice. I would like you to talk on the heart wall for a moment because you brought it up and I don’t think that’s something most people know about.

This is one of the least known yet most important discoveries that is available to us. Here’s what happens. First of all, let me set the stage. Back in the 1960s, when doctors first started doing heart transplants, it didn’t take long before they noticed that some of their patients would come back to them and report strange things.

They would report that their taste in music, food or sports had changed. They had memories of being in places that they never had in their lives ever visited. Sometimes they would say that their handwriting had changed. In every case, when these people were taken and connected to the family of the heart donor, they would find out, “Our daughter loved baseball.”

Now you love baseball and you didn’t before. That’s weird. They’d say, “That’s our son’s handwriting that you have now.” That’s bizarre. They said, “Our daughter visited Rome every year.” Now you have memories of being in Rome, but you say you’ve never in your life ever visited there. It’s crazy stuff. There were books written about it. This is called cellular memory. The ancient peoples of the world believed that the heart was the seed of the soul and the source of love, creativity and romance, and the core of our being.

In Western biology, we’ve never paid any attention to those old ideas, believing that those people didn’t have the equipment that we have. We know we’re smarter than they were. We know the hardest is to pump. That’s all it is. It wasn’t until the 1970s that they discovered that the heart has a lot of gray matter and white matter in it, which they refer to as a little brain in the heart.

That brain in your heart stores the memories of the things you love it. I truly believe that the heart itself is all that the ancients believed it to be, the seed of the soul, the source of our love and romance, the core of our being, and so on. Think about this. Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt your heart was going to break? You had a physical sensation. There’s an elephant that’s standing on your chest. You can’t breathe. You’re choking. That feeling happens when maybe somebody close to you is in trouble or has died or maybe your relationship has died or you’re being hurt.

In those situations, your heart is under assault because the heart truly is the core of your being. Your subconscious mind will come up with a remedy for that to try to protect your heart from being broken. It will put up a wall around that heart made of layers of your emotional baggage, your trapped emotions. We call this a heart wall. There are thousands of stories from all over the world from people that they’ve sent in about this. We have over 10,000 stories on our website that people have sent in about how powerful it is to have this work done.

One of the very first stories that I collected about this is in the book. A nurse came in to see me for neck pain. She was 38 years old. As I was talking with her, she told me that she was single, hadn’t dated in eight years and was never going to date again. She was an attractive woman and I thought, “That’s strange.” I said, “Why do you feel that way? You haven’t dated in eight years. You’re never going to date again. You’re celibate.”

She said that eight years before, she was deeply in love with this guy who broke her heart and dumped her. When I checked her, I found she had this wall. By the way, how to do this is all in the book The Emotion Code. She had this wall around her heart. There were three emotions making up this energetic wall. It’s an invisible wall. You can’t see it, but it’s there.

I started releasing these. It probably took me 10 minutes to release all 3 of these layers. All of a sudden, the last emotion and that wall around her heart were gone. Instantly, the neck pain was gone because it was being caused by this wall. She left the office feeling fine and didn’t come back for three months. When she came back into my office, I remembered her immediately.

MTA 4 | The Emotion Code
The Emotion Code: We inherit emotional energy at conception from our parents. Just about everybody inherits something, and some of us inherit more than others.


I said, “I haven’t seen you for a while. How are you?” She said, “My neck has been fine since I was here, but you cleared that heart wall for me. That works. About two weeks after I was here, I ran into my childhood sweetheart, he has been living right around the corner from me for almost eight years. We’re dating and we’re in love. I think he’s going to ask me to marry him.”

I thought, “What an amazing shift.” Think about this in your own life. We find that 93% of people have put up this wall. Think about your own life. Did you use to cry yourself to sleep at night when you were a kid? Do your parents argue or go through a divorce? Have you been through a divorce? Anybody that’s been through a divorce or been a child of divorced parents has a wall.

93% of people have one anyway. If you don’t have one, you’re in the minority. If you’ve got a wall, you tend to feel depression and anxiety. It’s harder for you to feel positive emotions and easier for you to feel negative emotions. It makes it harder for you to connect with other people. It makes it more difficult for you to give and receive love because that is an energy.

There are lots of stories. There’s a whole chapter in The Emotion Code book about this phenomenon. It is the most important part of The Emotion Code. If you’ve got a wall around your heart, it’s going to handicap you as far as creating the love you want in your life and the abundance in your life, not only financially but in every other way.

The reason why is because the best creative idea that you will ever have in your whole life will not come from this brain. They will come from this brain in your heart. If you’ve got a wall around that heart that has been put up during your life from the garbage experiences you’ve been through, you’re handicapped in that way.

The nice thing is that you can learn how to take down that wall and do it yourself. You can go to our website at You can find a practitioner near you or on the other side of the planet that can work with you either way. It’s the same thing. We’ve got a practitioner here, too. We’ve got Jamie. He can help you.

Due to the COVID and the remote thing, the opportunity to do this remotely for people has been phenomenal. You surprise yourself with answers. I was helping a lady in Canada. We’re in Las Vegas here. It was miles away. I didn’t know this person. It was a friend of a friend. They said, “Jamie might be able to help.” I’m like, “Sure, we’ll get on a call. We’ll see if I can help.”

I discovered some information and I’m like, “This is an inherited emotion.” They’re like, “What?” I went through that expression and I could feel them going, “That sounds a little too far out there.” I went through. I was like, “It’s going back to great grandmother. She was about the age of 26. Something happened at that point in time. Does anything come to mind?” She goes, “I can’t think of anything. That’s when she left her home country and moved here.” I’m like, “That could have been a bit of a shock that we’re talking about. It’s got culture shock.”

Your friends, your family and everyone, escaped something that was happening so you could move to a different country. I’m like, “That created an emotion.” She started to rattle off all the associations that she’s experienced in her life that felt the same. It’s like, “When I was at work and I had to shift and get this new job, I was terrified. I didn’t know why. It didn’t make sense.” I’m like, “You’re moving to a new location. That’s triggering that emotion to resurface.”

It’s very exciting when you get to be able to help people. That was fifteen minutes. She was very happy. I get feedback, and them going, “Thank you. This has changed. That’s changed.” It’s a powerful opportunity to be able to learn it for yourself and help everyone you care about. You can also become a practitioner and use it as a source of income if you desire.

We have Doris asking a question. She says, “I had a great massage therapist who used to talk about memories being stored in muscles. It’s a different take on muscle memory. Is there a chart where certain types of memories are stored? Can any memory be stored in any muscle?”

The best creative idea you will ever have in your whole life will not come from this brain. They will come from this brain in your heart. #HoneyDARElove Click To Tweet

These energies and trapped emotions can lodge anywhere. It’s not just muscles. It’s internal organs. They can lodge in the brain, in the head, in the neck or in the hand. Most of them will lodge in the torso of the body. In all these years, the only connections that I have seen where trapped emotions will lodge, there sometimes is a metaphysical connection.

In other words, if you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and you’re feeling an emotion of maybe grief about that, that emotion will tend to lodge maybe in the shoulders. If you’re having a hard time stomaching what’s going on in your relationship or something, a trapped emotion of maybe disgust or resentment might lodge more likely in your stomach. There are these metaphysical connections that sometimes happen. Other than that, they seem to be fairly random.

I will tell you one story. There was a woman that came into me when I was in practice many years ago. She was about 74 or 75 years old. It was the very first visit. The very first thing we found was that she had a trapped emotion of sorrow or sadness. Doing muscle testing, I traced it back to 1963. I thought, “1963, huh?” I asked, “Was this about JFK’s assassination?” It was. When I found out that, she burst into tears. She told me that when JFK Jr. died in the plane crash back in the ’80s, it all came back all over again. It was the death of another JFK and she couldn’t even work for days. All she could do was cry.

I thought, “There’s an exaggerated response by a person who doesn’t know JFK Jr.” That’s one of the things that these things will do. These trapped emotions will make you feel emotions more keenly and can disrupt your life. When you trap an emotional energy in the body, it’s like a ball of energy. They’re invisible. You can’t see them. It took me a long time to figure this out, about seventeen years. Trapped emotions are a ball of energy from about the size of a baseball and about the size of a softball and they lodge in the body someplace.

I wanted to know where this original trapped emotion about JFK, November 1963, had been all of her life. I asked if it was on the right side of her body. No. Was it in her abdomen? No. Chest area? Yes. It was in the area of her left breast. All of a sudden, she and I stared at each other because four years before, she had had that breast removed because it was malignant. Do you think there’s a connection? There is.

Yes. That’s fascinating stuff. Going back quickly to the muscles, as a personal trainer, I used to train that way in the sense of holistic training. I knew people hate doing the things that they feel the weakest at. If they’re weak in their shoulders and they hate exercising their shoulders, they most likely feel the weight of the world is on their shoulders. To be able to help them move that emotion, then they were able to train better in personal training.

That’s a great insight.

Doris had a question, but you had already answered it. She goes, “I feel a bit psychic.” She’s asking if you’ve ever studied how this might impact cancer diagnosis or other serious diseases.

Every disease process that I have seen in many years has had an emotional component to it. Sometimes the emotional component is the only component. That’s possible in the woman that I told you about the JFK trapped emotion. If you can find that emotional component, find that emotional baggage that is distorting the energy field in that area and remove that. All these other things that you’re doing may be enough to put you over the edge into the healing process.

If you ignore the emotional component of your disease, you may do everything else right. You may be practicing a positive mental attitude. You might be taking all the right supplements, drinking juices, doing wheatgrass and getting lots of exercises. You could be doing chemo and radiation, but if you don’t remove the emotional component, one of the underlying causes of that problem will remain and may be too much to enable the healing process to begin.

I’ve seen this many times. Somebody has cancer. They get the cancer removed surgically, and yet the emotional baggage that was an underlying cause of that cancer is still there. Maybe that cancer reoccurs later and so on. The Emotion Code it’s not a cure for cancer or anything. All it is a simple way to find emotional baggage. However, that emotional baggage is, in our experience, an underlying cause of about every disease process and symptom, whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical, that we suffer from as human beings and animals.

MTA 4 | The Emotion Code
The Emotion Code: If you’ve got a wall around your heart, it’s going to handicap you as far as creating the love and the abundance you want in your life, not only financially but in every other way.


What’s fun about The Emotion Code is that there’s a whole chapter in there on animals. I tell people all the time that if you know how to do The Emotion Code for people, you know how to do it for animals. It’s the exact same process. We use the exact same chart of emotions. Ninety percent of animals’ behavioral problems and physical issues are rooted in their emotional baggage. We have people that work with animals using The Emotion Code. One of our practitioners is a woman in in France who does The Emotion Code long-distance on through the racehorses around the world and makes a great living and gets phenomenal results. Anything’s possible.

I had an experience with a person in Canada. They had a problem with their puppy dog. They said, “Can you see what you can find out?” I’m like, “Okay.” It came out to be sensitive to the sadness of the owner. The emotional state that you are carrying is infecting your environment. I knew the puppy was adopted. I’m thinking, “You’ve got this dog from the pound. This is where it was at.” I said, “This happened when the puppy was about 2 and a half, 3 years old.” She goes, “That’s when I separated from my partner. I was sad.” I like, “Oh.”

That surprised me because I was thinking something completely different. The information comes up. I asked the question. I muscle test, I do the flick text, the muscle testing through the flick technique for those people reading. Strong, it stays there. When I say no, it instantly releases. I had oil on my hand once and I’m like, “This is going to slip off that.” It stayed there for years when it wouldn’t be able to hold anything else and instantly released exactly the same way it was when I did a session.

The energy is everything. I feel what it can and can’t do. I feel the energy’s right down there at the molecular structure of everything. When you have a ball of energy that’s out of placement, it’s like having a magnet next to your compass on your airplane. “I’m flying this way as hard as I can, but I’m not reaching my goal.” You’re being pulled off course constantly. This ball of energy is such as a magnet next to your compass. You and your own energetic life, your own energetic health, the desires, the choices you’re making could be pulled off by your energy and an inherited imbalance that’s somewhere.

The compass analogy is a great analogy, by the way, I can’t believe I never thought of that and I’m a pilot. I’ve got a compass right here when I fly.

About the emotion being the core cause, one of the things I’ve always taught people is that the body is a triangle. You’ve got the physical body on the bottom, your mental body in the middle, and your emotional, spiritual, or psychological body, your mindset or emotions, at the top. If you change something on the physical, it’s not permanent.

I discovered this in weight loss because I worked with extreme weight loss. I could give them the diet. I could give them the food and the exercise, but if I didn’t change the emotions and get rid of the emotions and baggage, it wasn’t going to be permanent. It would come back. We see this happen all the time with lottery winners. They went $25 million. It changed on the physical. A year later, it’s gone because they didn’t work on the stuff that was there that didn’t create the money in the first place.

We’re emotional chiropractors. It’s interesting when you talk about weight loss, a lot of people are overweight because of emotional eating. It’s a coping mechanism to try to deal with stress. Think about COVID-19, the extra nineteen pounds that everybody gained people talk about. That was an attempt to deal with stress. We find that when people learn The Emotion Code, if they’ve got an issue with emotional eating, it’s so simple.

All they have to do is when they have that urge to eat that whole pan of brownies or whatever it might be, they can stop, test themselves, and ask, “Do I have a trapped emotion that is driving this feeling that I should eat this pan of brownies?” We’ve had people lose as much as their entire body weight in a year doing that simple method, finding the baggage that’s behind the emotional feelings about eating. Inevitably, when they release that emotion, that feeling passes and the pan of brownies or the gallon of ice cream remains uneaten.

This is why I said, “This is my go-to instead of any other modality.” There’s an app that you can use. It’s phenomenal. It can help with all this. Everything is provided for you to have ultimate success. By getting the book, you learn how to do it yourself. I’ve noticed that with money matters and clients, in events where they’re nervous or emotion comes up when we talk about the price of something that they want.

I’m like, “Let’s see where this originates.” People have come back a day later and go, “I haven’t had any of that fear. I haven’t had any of that anxiety about making this decision.” Six months later, they’re like, “Jamie, thank you so much. My life has completely changed.” I’ve got this new deal. People that have emotional elements associated with success, business, and career, it’s keeping them all aligned.

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They’re self-sabotaging themselves.

Taking away their self-sabotaging trapped emotion, they have a more clean flow of their thoughts, their feelings and their emotion. It’s not having to go around.

If you’re stuck, you’re not able to make the money you want to make or your life isn’t turning out how you think it should be turning out. You have got to look at this because it’s all about your emotional baggage and getting rid of it. If you’ve got a heart wall, you’re going to be even more blocked. You can think of everybody you know, including you, as dragging around these suitcases full of rocks that are tied to you. If you were to open up one of those suitcases and look at one of those rocks, “This is going to be from junior high when you got dumped.”

That humor trunk back there, that’s from great, great, great grandpa from his experiences in the war. You can cut loose from all that stuff. Tell me if you haven’t heard this or felt this yourself. It’s almost stepping out of this old skin that you’ve been walking around in and into this new state of being that is on a higher vibration. It makes it much easier to feel happiness and joy, no matter what’s going on in the world. Would you guys find that?

Yes. We have leaned on this through COVID. We have very much leaned on The Emotion Code through this whole thing. GMG has one question. It’s a good question. He asks, “What are a few things parents can do daily to encourage or promote sound emotional health for their kids? Oftentimes kids feel the need to always be happy and good kids, instead of being honest with their feelings.”

Kids can learn how to do this. It’s tremendously empowering for them because they start to realize that when they work on themselves or you work on them as a parent, they start to get an education about what emotions are. The last chapter of the book has some great pointers in there about how you can live without developing new trapped emotions.

There are a couple of those things. One of those is that children and adults both can learn that we choose our emotions. We can choose. We have the power to choose. Most people go through life thinking that they’re at the mercy of their emotions and that if anger, resentment or whatever comes up for them, they have no choice but to feel that. You can choose different emotions. You can choose higher-level emotions, but that becomes easier as you get rid of more emotional baggage.

Another thing that’s important to understand for adults and for children as well is the principle forgiveness. You can’t have peace in your life if there’s someone that you haven’t forgiven. Sometimes people live their entire lives, decades and decades, having someone that they can’t forgive. Sometimes it can be difficult because maybe that person has hurt you.

Ultimately, if you can find the strength to forgive from your heart truly, it sets you free. That reminds me of Lewis Smedes, who said, “Forgiveness is setting a prisoner free,” only to find out that the prisoner was you. Kids can learn this too. It’s a powerful principle. Getting rid of the emotional baggage that you have can facilitate your ability to forgive. It’s a wonderful thing.

When you’re working on you, you’re also working on your kids and your future DNA, right?

Not all trapped in my emotions are passed down. The way we do it is if you’re pregnant, for example, and there’s a baby in there. After about three months of development, you can start testing that baby to see if that baby has any emotional baggage or anything that they’ve inherited. By the time the baby’s born, the baby has a clean slate.

Ultimately, if you can find the strength to truly forgive from your heart, it sets you free. #HoneyDARElove Click To Tweet

I have noticed though that when I’ve worked with a family dynamic, working with the parents of getting all that, they’re less reactive and putting less fuel into these things that are triggering them. There’s less pressure energetically in the household to be a certain way or act a certain way. All of a sudden it’s like, “The kids are so much better. Thanks for working.” I haven’t worked with the kids yet. I’m still working with you. They’re like, “Really?”

It’s interesting because there’s a resonance that happens in families. If you take one person in a family and you start removing that one person’s emotional baggage, it does have an effect on everybody else. It’s amazing stuff.

Thank you so much. Our audience is on fire. They’re loving this. They’re like, “Oh my God, I need this book. This is amazing.” They’re very thrilled to get to meet you. I’m so honored that you came and joined us. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Thanks so much, guys.

Guys, grab his book. He’s amazing. Give him a warm welcome. Thank you.

If you guys have enjoyed this experience here, we can give one of you people the opportunity for me to do it with you.

Jamie goes, “Jamie, are you fanboying a little like Amy did with Barbara?” Yes.

I truly am. It took Dr. Bradley Nelson seventeen years of not doing what he did to help people heal but observing, “Why has this worked for these people or not? What’s the missing link? What’s the element that is restricting me from helping everybody heal the body?” The body naturally wants to heal. I know that myself.

I was going to get my leg amputated when I was an eleven-year-old. I’m like, “I don’t want that.” They said, “You’ll never be able to walk again with it.” I said, “I’d rather have a leg that I can’t use than not have one at all.” A couple of years later, I was able to walk and then run. I went on to be a representative rugby player and an international stunt actor. I went to doing physical things.

If the body wants to heal itself, what stops everybody from having that opportunity? I appreciate the genius, the knowledge, and the heart that goes into someone like Dr. Bradley Nelson to be able to create a system out of his own awareness over seventeen years, put it together in a book so everyone can benefit from it. I love that about this man. His system is so easy. After learning all these other modalities, to find this one, I’m super blessed that this even exists.

Thank you guys so much. We will see you next time.

Make sure you go grab this. Remember, when you get and discover a book, you are linking minds and holding hands with an author that’s taking you on a journey of new discovery.

Read often because reading is power. Knowledge is power.


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