Ultimate Outdoor Bliss: ZAZE 80”x80” Waterproof Picnic Blanket for Perfect Beach and Grass Hangouts

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ZAZE Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blanket Review


The ZAZE Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blanket is a must-have for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as picnics, beach trips, camping, and more. This 80”x80” waterproof foldable blanket is designed to provide comfort and convenience, making it an ideal choice for families, friends, and pet owners. In this review, we will explore the features, advantages, and disadvantages of this versatile picnic mat.


Oversized for 4-6 Adults

The ZAZE picnic blanket boasts a generous unfolded size of 80”x80”, making it large enough to accommodate 6-8 adults for sitting or 4 adults for lying down. This spacious area provides ample room for children and pets to play and relax during outdoor gatherings.

Soft and Durable with 3-Layers

Crafted with three layers, this picnic mat offers utmost comfort and durability. The top layer is made of thickened and sturdy fabric, ensuring long-lasting performance. The middle layer consists of soft cotton, providing a cozy and comfortable surface to sit or lie on. The bottom layer features durable fabric backing, offering protection against uneven surfaces, wet grass, sand, and more.

Easy to Clean & Machine Washable

Maintaining the cleanliness of the ZAZE picnic blanket is a breeze. Thanks to its durable and waterproof backing, you can easily shake off dirt, mud, wet grass, and sand. For more stubborn stains, simply wipe them off with a clean cloth or put the blanket in the washing machine for a thorough clean. Enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about the mess.

Easy to Fold & Lightweight

Portability is a key advantage of the ZAZE picnic blanket. With its simple folding steps and the help of a velcro strap, you can shrink the blanket down to a compact size of 15”x5”. This lightweight blanket weighs only 2.3 lbs, making it effortless to carry and store. It is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures and impromptu picnics.

Widely Used for Outdoor & Indoor

The ZAZE picnic blanket is designed for various outdoor occasions. Whether you are heading to the park, the beach, family picnics, camping trips, or travels, this blanket is a versatile accessory that meets your needs. Additionally, it can also be used for indoor activities like family dinners and baby playtime, making it a practical choice for all seasons.


  • Spacious size accommodates multiple adults
  • Three-layer construction provides comfort and durability
  • Easy to clean with its durable and waterproof backing
  • Foldable and lightweight for effortless portability
  • Versatile design suitable for both outdoor and indoor use


  • The material may be less comfortable on rocky or uneven surfaces
  • The waterproof backing may produce slight noise when moving
  • Not suitable for extremely cold weather without additional insulation

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Question and Answer Section

Q: Is the ZAZE picnic blanket machine washable?

A: Yes, the ZAZE picnic blanket is machine washable. Simply put it in the washing machine for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Q: Can this blanket withstand rough terrains?

A: While the ZAZE picnic blanket is durable, it may be less comfortable on rocky or uneven surfaces. It is recommended to use an additional layer for enhanced comfort.

Q: What is the folded size of the ZAZE picnic blanket?

A: The ZAZE picnic blanket can be folded down to a compact size of 15”x5”, making it easy to carry and store.

Q: Can the blanket be used during winter?

A: The ZAZE picnic blanket is suitable for all seasons. However, for extremely cold weather, it is recommended to use an additional insulating layer for warmth and comfort.


  • Spacious enough for multiple adults
  • Soft and durable three-layer construction
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wide range of outdoor and indoor applications


  • May not be comfortable on rocky surfaces
  • Noise from the waterproof backing
  • Additional insulation needed for extremely cold weather

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