Ultimate Precision: Majestic Bombay Tweezers for Flawless Hair Removal

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Majestic Bombay Fine Point + Slant Tweezers for Women and Men – Splinter Ticks, Facial, Brow and Ingrown Hair Removal–Sharp, Needle Nose, Surgical Tweezers Precision best tweezers for chin hair

Needle Nose Tweezers – Pointed tweezers are quicker and less painful. Enjoy optimum control with your Majestic Bombay medical-grade ingrown hair remover tweezers, crafted with long, pointed, and perfectly aligned tips.

Precision Tweezers – Remove the thinnest splinters; glass shards; or brow, or bikini line hairs with a single pinch and pull. Your precision tweezers also hold false lashes and nails for application.

Eyebrow Tweezers For Women – With their sharp tips and strong grip, your set is perfect for personal or professional use. Whether you’re an esthetician or homemaker, you’ve found your pointy tweezer set.

Splinter Remover Kit – Expect quality performance from your needle sharp tweezers. Sure to impress whether used to smooth skin; given as a gift; or added to your art supplies, first aid kit, or survival gear.

Pluckers To Last – Rely on your splinter tweezers set year after year. Unlike the store-bought variety, your eyebrow plucker stays sharp and aligned thanks to our durable proprietary stainless steel made by expert metal fabricators.

Technical Details

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Application 1: Splinter Removal


  • Quick and efficient removal of splinters
  • Sharp, needle nose for precise extraction
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • May be too sharp for some users
  • Requires proper technique to avoid injury

Application 2: Facial Hair Removal


  • Perfectly aligned tips for precise hair removal
  • Strong grip for effective extraction
  • Can also be used for false lash and nail application


  • May cause discomfort or redness during hair removal
  • Requires steady hand and proper technique

Application 3: Brow Shaping


  • Sharp tips for precise shaping
  • Strong grip for easy plucking
  • Perfect for personal or professional use


  • May cause pain or discomfort during plucking
  • Requires patience and practice for achieving desired results

Application 4: Ingrown Hair Removal


  • Long, pointed tips for reaching deeply ingrown hairs
  • Medical-grade precision for effective extraction
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance


  • May cause slight pain or discomfort during the removal process
  • Should be used with caution to avoid injury

Pros and Cons


  • Quicker and less painful hair removal
  • Precision and accuracy in splinter removal
  • Strong grip for efficient plucking
  • Durable and long-lasting stainless steel construction


  • Potential sharpness may cause discomfort or injury if not used properly
  • Requires proper technique and patience for desired results

Question and Answer Section

Q: Can these tweezers be used for removing ingrown hairs on the bikini line?

A: Yes, these tweezers are designed with long, pointed tips that make them perfect for reaching and removing ingrown hairs in sensitive areas like the bikini line.

Q: Are these tweezers suitable for professional use in a salon?

A: Absolutely! These tweezers are ideal for professional estheticians or salons due to their sharp tips, strong grip, and precise performance.

Q: Can these tweezers be used for applying false lashes and nails?

A: Yes, in addition to their hair removal capabilities, these tweezers can also hold false lashes and nails for easy and precise application.

Q: How long can I expect these tweezers to stay sharp and aligned?

A: These tweezers are made with durable proprietary stainless steel, ensuring that they stay sharp and aligned for years of reliable use.

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