Win This TechOrbits Electric Standing Motorized Desk Tabletop

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I am sure that you have heard about the new 47 inch motorized workstation standing desk. This new desk will give you a great standing experience and at the same time it will save your back, because you can also move it and make it a sitting desk.

Win This TechOrbits Electric Standing Motorized Desk Tabletop

The 47 inch motorized workstation stands at an amazing height of 42 inches and has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. The TechOrbits Electric Standing Motorized Desk is designed to support a computer and monitor with a full size keyboard , mouse and speakers. You can adjust the height of the desk by using the telescoping legs.


The 47 inch motorized workstation has a lot of great features. It comes with a dual motor system which allows it to be operated by just one hand. It has a built in USB port which makes it very convenient for charging your cell phone or any other electronic device. The 47 inch motorized desk also has a power outlet so that you can plug in your laptop or other devices that need a power source. The 47 inch motorized standing desk has a very stylish look. It has a modern design with black powder coated steel legs and a brushed aluminum top.

If you are looking for a great standing desk then this 47 inch motorized workstation is the one for you. It is very sturdy and easy to use. You can adjust the height and the position of the desk to meet your needs. If you want to save your back then this is the right desk for you. It is perfect for home office or any other setting where you spend a lot of time sitting down. The 47 inch motorized working station is available in stores now. You can find it online as well. You can check out the reviews on Amazon to see what others think of the 47 inch motorized workstation.

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