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Passionistas: Hi, and welcome to The Passionistas Project Podcast, where we talk with women who are following their passions to inspire you to do the same.

We’re Amy and Nancy Harrington. And today we’re talking with Amy Honey, a pull, no punches, powerhouse, speaker and trainer in the areas of customer engagement, body language, behavior modification, sales, and habit transformation. She has extensive background in high ticket sales and is known by her peers. As a powerful closer, Amy is also passionate about helping girls and women find their courage just as she had to do starting at the age of 16, when she found herself alone and independent through her own resourcefulness, she still managed to graduate from high school.

At age 20. She became a single mom and chose to put her family’s welfare first while overcoming numerous obstacles in an unreceptive marketplace. It was during these life challenges and her entrepreneurial journey that she crossed paths with personal development and discovered her love for speaking and training her passion for personal growth travel and transforming lives has taken Amy all over the world, helping people transform their lives through behavior, observation, and habit change. So please welcome to the show Amy Honey. Listen To The Full Podcast now!

Get A Clue Gameshow Appearance – Lisza Crisalle, Lucho Crisalle, Jamie Honey, and Amy Honey were team Health and Fitness on Game

Rob Belushi is the host of ‘Get A Clue’ Game show on The Game Show Network. And yes, he is the son of Actor Jim Belushi.  

Get A Clue is on the Game Show Network. This episode originally aired Monday, February 10th 2020 at 4:00p EST. It was Season 1, Episode 6 (I think). We won’t tell you which team won, but, we will tell you that Amy dances with Robert Belushi in this episode!!

Vegas Live with Ninon

Jamie Honey and Amy Honey talk about their exciting company “Improv for Impact,” which gets people to laugh through their own experiences and gain self awareness through role and game play. Jamie and Amy are authors, speakers, and “Mind Shift Experts” at The Honey DARE. They bring a little of that improv on set to make the interview spontaneous and filled with laughter. #improv #improvisation#improvisationaltheatre #improvisers #comedy #laughter #mindshiftexpert #improvforimpact#thehoneydare #darebeabetteryou #roleplay #gameplay #entertainment #motivationalspeaker#author #talkshow #vegaslivewithninon #actionshotproductions #lasvegas

Leaders Of Transformation

Edutainers and founders of Improv For Impact, Amy and Jamie Honey use improv and game-play to empower companies and sales teams to build healthier cultures and greater sales success.

In today’s conversation, Amy and Jamie explain the benefits of improv and how you can incorporate it into a powerful personal development program for yourself and your teams; one that fosters creativity, innovation and higher performance. We also explore the essence of sales and how to transform your beliefs and habits in order to connect better with your clients, communicate your value proposition and enroll others in doing business with you. LISTEN HERE

What Happened Tomorrow Podcast

Amy and Jamie Honey have a chat with long time friend I.J. Maha about the world, what’s happening, and how to get out of chaos. In stressful times, what can we do to shift where we are at, even if the circumstances feel beyond our control. You can listen to the podcast right here, or go to their page at What Happened Tomorrow Podcast.

The Podcast For Couples In Business

Amy and Jamie Honey navigate being in business together, traveling together, and marriage.    It’s all about the honesty, friendship, and fun!   And overcoming obstacles together!  Listen to episode #28 with the Honeys at Bedrooms and Boardrooms

12 Minute Conversations

Your first wealth is health. I bring the fun back into fitness, and everything I do. It is my mission to transform lives through the five elements of health. Exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition, and emotional environment. Emotional environment is the missing key to most people’s health, and that can include everything around them. I get people emotionally connected to why they want the things they want, and this helps them to make the decision to get out of their comfort zone, and really make the big changes they need to make. I am the author of the upcoming book ‘You Did Marry Prince Charming, You Just Haven’t Trained Him Yet – A Husband Behavior Modication Manual’.

And also co-creator of the Honey Dare corporate wellness program. I am an extreme weight loss expert, nationally certified personal trainer, and fitness professional .

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