Meet The Authors Live Guest Dr. Susan R Meyers

Dr. Susan R. Meyer knows how to help people create the life they want and has spent decades working with women and men who want to create a clear path to success.

Whether you’re looking for a totally different path or simply want to tweak your career trajectory, her extensive experience in life, career, and transition coaching will help you take an informed look at your own life and build on what’s revealed. Her skills in getting to the heart of issues and working with clients to craft clear plans grew out of years of coaching, teaching (pre-school through grad school) and training (trainers and line staff through executive managers). This experience set allows her to see the common themes in each client’s experience and use those to develop individualized strategies.

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Coaching is a great way to improve your life. It is also a great way to help other people improve their lives as well. The benefits of hiring a coach are many and varied.

If you are an entrepreneur, it is important that you understand why you need to hire a coach. There are many reasons that you will want to hire a coach. The main reason is that there are many different ways that you can help yourself or others.

There are many different ways that a coach can help you. One of the most common things that coaches do is help you with your self-talk. Self-talk is very important in business because it helps you focus on what you want to accomplish. If you are not focused on what you want to accomplish, you will not be able to accomplish it.

Another thing that a coach can do for you is help you with your communication skills. When you are communicating with others, it is very important that you are clear about what you want to say. You can get better at this if you work with a coach.

Another benefit of working with a coach is that they can help you learn how to handle difficult situations. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you are faced with something that you do not know how to deal with. This is especially true if you are in business.

A good coach can teach you how to handle any type of situation that you face. They can help you become more confident when you are faced with difficult situations.

If you have a goal that you want to accomplish, a coach can help you set goals that will help you reach that goal. Setting goals is an important part of achieving success in any business.

Working with a coach is a great way to help you achieve your goals. You can work with a coach to make sure that you are doing everything that you need to do to accomplish your goals. You can get more information about hiring Dr. Susan R Meyers at her website at


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hello there it’s still not popping up on the other screen that’s okay g’day g’day g’day Kmart Kelly Mark Kelly Jennifer Luke said two bees on the table really two two I think they’re covered two how many how many how many how many bees how how many how many Beulah Bueller Beeler dealer because we have a meet the author show we have uh Susan R Myers who we haven’t seen yet so I’m not sure I do have a new booking person so it could be my booking person possibly so uh I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt um so hopefully we’ll have her on another time I think it’s Christmas we’ll wrap it up in Tinsel and give it to you I thought you were going to say tension we’re going to wrap it up in tension which is a malapropism malapropism is a fun little game you can play uh to expand your creativity and Imagination I just finished writing a blog post on that um for actually a a Publishing Company It Black Card books great great company yeah I’m their sales train s out from time he worked for for years as a publishing consultant uh the concept of creativity and Imagination who would like to have more access to creativity and Imagination oh things that they’re not creative or imaginative talking about creativity and Imagination I’m going to push Amy’s button for a second because that’s always fun to do while I’m trying to do admin there we go push the button all right yeah

that was fun B’s on the table I’m trying to get names in here for four bees there’s one big one and three little ones ah I’m a giver instead of MacGyver we Giver we give her the MacGyver mcgiver will give you stuff I’m always willing to give stuff just people aren’t already aren’t always willing to take it people don’t always want your gifts Jamie just you know just because it’s advice I’m willing to give you advice yeah

just so you understand how mansplaining Works what happens is you see well hold on a second let me just give you the breakdown of how to first of all you get a man

how about that man spliting what mansplaining is boom that’s a hilarious joke that’s hilarious isn’t that hilarious folks that is come on that’s got to be hilarious I think it’s hilarious that’s when people try um jokes explain stuff to me I’m like yeah no trust me for 30 years in the industry I get it it’s just not funny to me it could be funny to other people okay I may have missed people so definitely like speak up if I missed you but the first nine that we have in I think Jennifer lewd Evans Kmart Kelly M Shelby 325 Carlos V Nunez Gizmo Carol Angelica Villarreal Stargazer Stargazer Sheila and Vicki sometimes when you have a lot of emojis and stuff in your names and stuff I they get I admit I miss it so if I missed it I’ll just give another draw if we missed that I want to see if you start my car if my car would start so outside for the first time today oh it’s winter wonderland oh Oh I thought you were talking to me I mean start your car when it become your car I thought it was our car I’m gonna start my car you’re not like picking up the signals Jamie it was start my car it’s in the garage apparently I am that’s what I’m very aware except for oh my God female suggestion

it was so adorable we were at this event and I was with Jenny Jenny and I and Jamie we were all actually volunteering at the particular event and fun to volunteer volunteer is positive karma for you and your family next thing ever volunteered get out and volunteer for different things as often as possible and we never wear wedding rings um I’m a boxer so I don’t have my wedding ring on Jamie doesn’t wear his Rings because I’m a secret agent don’t tell anybody so that we don’t think about it you know but we’ve been married for 16 years and so uh 16. I think the numbers higher it feels like oh my God and so there was this cute little gal she was adorable she was so into Jamie and just everywhere when she was just like just fawning over him and he was just a polite friendly lady Jenny and I were cracking up polite and friendly that’s all oh my God and about a few more people could turn the beer that way follows you everywhere and we’re like have fun because I’m hopeful I was showing her with where’d it go followed you for two days before she found out I was your wife and she was like scared to be around me I felt so bad for her she felt so uncomfortable not just her hashtag inside voice hey have a look at that first thing on the carousel what do you guys think of this awesome yeah desk yeah and Jennifer who were the first one first for the Beast I know you were oh I can scroll back up can you scroll back will tell you about the desk so this desk is on okay

Jennifer I’m going to interrupt you the whole way through okay she said two bees on the table then she said Four B’s and then Evan said four okay Gary Veronica oh the name specifically you weren’t clear with your communication Evans Shelby three two five Gizmo Carol Angelica Villarreal Angelica star Gaza all right and still looking through still looking through yeah that was it like that but the bees are still on the table

until they disappear Ed I forgot okay in 1970 so everybody gets it Becky 1970. anybody knows I’m in my pajamas Becky four is of making 90s Vicky e says Four B’s on the table okay there we go as well okay okay

so it’s like um The Lone Ranger so let me tell you about this Tech Orbit’s electric standing desk because it’s super cool it is motorized so it goes up and down it’s even got a it’s got the things already connected underneath the table so it connect it connects all your cords together in one place so they’re all like organized and if you so you don’t have an octopus attacking your legs every time you get in on oops oh what did it find on the web no I don’t know what are you searching on the web Amy I just very quickly hit it hmm where’d my drink go don’t know so basically uh tomorrow we’re gonna go live at 11 A.M Pacific Standard Time if you go to our website and click on blog you’ll see the very top entry there is how you enter for that but you’ll get to enter that tomorrow today when Dot uh she got a blind date what

ah welcome Patricia Shockey she just started following us welcome to the Honey hi James

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so if you’re watching on any of the other platforms coming over to click the Amazon Live join us here at Amazon live that’s the chat that we’re watching that’s the chat you need to respond in to win a prize when we’re doing the whole prize wheel your name pops up you’ve got 30 seconds to let us know that you’re here and watching on the Amazon live show and then we’ll go over and give you a prize um I just noticed that our author did make it let me go add her book back onto these so uh she might have got caught in traffic or something so let me go yep that’s right the internet traffic internet I get hung up there often let me go stick y take a right turn at Facebook oh story oh oh link to YouTube oh where was I yes Amy I’m making dinner it’s just taking a while for us to fall with my hot breath we’ll do it your way okay Jamie come back cause I need to set up where are you going well I originally left to get my water um and then we then we got a follower oh that’s so nice if you’re not already following us hit that follow button means a lot to us we greatly appreciate it um what are you doing I’m adding Susan’s book and information back then we’ll be able to have a good old chat to Susan about her Facebook and properly bring her under the show uh so I’m going to um chat away for a while because that’s why we’re talking about a whole lot of different things earlier imagination creativity how many of you think that you’re not creative or you don’t have an imagination that’s an interesting question to start with yes real quick sorry to interrupt Stargazer said I was hoping we were lucky enough not to have to fill all that out you don’t have to if you fill it out yesterday it’s good for today yep so you’re good and Mark oh my God [Music]

so I held it the whole way long I didn’t stop hey I said what I was talking about uh earlier on today about creativity and Imagination hello some Queen some welcome welcome um the thing is a lot of people feel that they’re not creative yet they are we all have creativity and Imagination as part of our normal structure of human function and how the brain works yet what happens when we’re younger we’re conditioned not to use it so those people that are successful and creative and imaginative they just ignored the conditioning as a child or they had um a creative uh model in some aspect that that encourage their creativity because we have creativity and Imagination As Natural aspects of our brain function yet we’re told that this is a table if you say it’s not a table you’re wrong and we learn early on that when you agree with things you’re rewarded when you disagree you’re punished as a child it’s like I’m gonna eat this on top of the TV no you’re not that’s wrong you eat at the table oh okay now that you’re eating at the table I’ll reward you and I’ll thank you and I’ll congratulate you uh so we learned earlier on not to think outside of the box g’day Cody um and island girl Hello what is the email to send the screenshot to for the giveaway you do not need to screen you don’t need to screenshot um unless it’s something like this and go okay meme that up Amy will have a bubble in her head doesn’t require screenshots when Jamie does animal interpretive dances um I would like to introduce Susan Okay so anyway creativity imagination you have it and understanding that you’ve been conditioned out of it starts to turn the dial back up and with creativity and Imagination you become the master of any situation that arises in your environment Janu says I missed it one more pose please okay um [Laughter] to Dr Susan

um uh she knows how to help people create the life that they want and she spent decades working with women and men who want to create a clear path to success whether you’re looking for like a totally different path or you just simply want to kind of tweak your career trajectory a little bit um her extensive life experience career transition coaching helps you take an informed look at your own life and uh build on what’s revealed so her skills in getting into the heart of the issues and working with clients to craft their plans grew out of years of coaching teaching she uh taught preschool through grad school very cool and training she’s trainers and line staff through executive managers as well so this experience that allows her to see the common themes in each client’s experience and use those to develop individual strategies what this is my hey there’s a joke there moment look that is that look I I blew Pastor I know I could feel it I just got a question and uh um you said that she uh taught through grade school let’s go through grad school preschool through grad school wow so as a student going through those classes she walked to the front of the room and taught the class going through hey I wonder if she’s ever been interviewed by somebody in the pajamas before or or an Australian I hope she understands me with my Brooklyn accent yeah right you guys let’s give a really warm Amazon welcome to Dr Susan R Meyer oh hello can you hear us we finally got to connect there we go say that again I’m sorry we didn’t have our volume up on this side I’m so glad we finally got them sort of a strange day has it been A Strange Day

you might not be able to see it but on our end we see all these bubbles going up and that’s people that are clicking on your book to purchase yeah a couple have said they’ve already added it to their card after the quick brief my Siri keeps going off I’m gonna go get rid of my watch in a moment wow yeah that’s right awesome well it’s a pleasure to have you here finally yeah so yeah so done that I just uh recently got a new assistant that was helping me book shows so I wasn’t sure if maybe there was miscommunication there for her because uh because she’s brand new too so but we’re super glad you’re here um I guess what I’d like to know the most from you is like what made you decide to write this book around this topic well I’ve been doing this kind of work forever and I have this very sound set of principles and I just thought that it needed to be shared with a broader audience and hopefully will also appear as um a course an online course based on what’s In the book because the principles are so simple when you think about them but in fact this isn’t something people think deeply about and it’s not something people easily do right um so so what um so you it’s based around like like what got you to the point like personally in your life to write a book around careers like were you did you like how did you start out did you have you had a long career in career advising or yeah career advice that took you into this book I’ll tell you what uh JB and Amy I probably made every career mistake

my assistant wants to stand on the keyboard so I had to fix that issue I made every mistake possible I have had um I’ve lost count of how many different jobs I’ve had over the decades and I realized let people make new mistakes let them see my mistakes let them look at my plan and then let them make brand new mistakes of their own as they move forward but if you have a good framework which I didn’t have for decades mind you and you understand what skills you use best and you can always figure out what your next options are and um how has careers uh from your perspective changed over the the preceding years like uh I know in the last couple of years with covert a lot of careers flipped and we helped a lot of people go from Live in-person Events to that feeling and sensation of a live event via doing it on the internet via digital medium so over the over the um uh I know myself when I first went to college it was like uh do this and get this job for 40 years then retire and I quickly stopped that after I got my degree so yeah

um so how have you seen the the concept of what a career is the concept of it’s changed well you know when I was in graduate school my professor for the career counseling course said that we could expect people to have 13 career changes in their lifespan and I didn’t believe him at that point this was in the 70s um our my parents and possibly your parents took one job stayed with it to retirement a lot of the older Baby Boomers did the same thing one career now there’s no such thing as one career for most people especially the younger people coming into the workforce who have been in there for about 10 years first of all the turnover is ridiculous in many organizations there’s no more corporate royalty or loyalty to employees so you need to learn to be flexible now and also also one of the best things that’s happened is so many jobs have now open for women that were not open for women I’m old enough to look to the New York Times and seen separate pages for jobs for men and jobs for women wow so all of that’s gone at least yeah a lot of people don’t realize like what we’ve gone through as women to get to the point where we can say I’m I’m a boss you know I’m a career you know an entrepreneur you know a lot of people like especially the kids these days they don’t know that women weren’t even allowed to get their their own loan for their own business loan until 1988.

until 1988. so yeah and we’re staying in the workforce longer so I’m in my 70s and I have lots of friends who are still working full-time or have gone on to a different kind of career more of them have gone into entrepreneurial things are working as consultants but they’re still working it’s not like 65 um I don’t know when we last saw a gold watch but you know big party and go away now um we work longer and the younger someone is the more different if not careers at least jobs they’re going to go through because there’s also a tendency for younger people to leave and they get bored or to take a couple of years off if they want to do something like travel so the the beauty process like mine is you have an outline that you can follow and you can kind of you know rinse and repeat throughout your lifetime so that you always know how to go about finding what’s the best thing for you next yeah awesome I believe you’ve got seven case strategies and I’d like to dive into that a little yet first Maxine z uh has a question of she’s in curious as to where do you draw your inspiration from

um it hurt my um my education um I’ve got a degree in uh counseling psychology in addition to the doctor and adult Adult Learning in part from my personal experience and in part from people I’ve coached over the decades and who have successfully made a transition from something they hated to something they loved and it’s such fun and is there more joy this is a very simple question when people are doing things they love as opposed to things they don’t

Jamie you know the answer

but uh of course there is and frankly there’s more joy for uh people work with people to achieve that goal because they they physically change I’ve seen people finally get to where they want to be and suddenly they’re taller they’re more attractive they’re more outgoing it’s amazing yeah yes yes absolutely I know and um I was dropping that one in just uh to oh so tag on to it who else benefits when somebody is Happy the say for example you’ve helped someone going from a career situation that’s not good to something where they’re more joyful it who else benefits rather than just that one person probably everybody they know if I if I can if I may um there’s a couple diagonally downstairs for me that are in their 40s I’m gonna guess um who I’ve known for decades and the husband was substitute teaching and he hated it hated it hated it so Not only was he miserable but he made not only his wife but all of his friends miserable too while he was going through this um he bought copied my book he stopped substitute teaching and he’s an artist so he set up a website for all kinds of art that he does including prints that he can he can uh put on on book covers on phone covers um he does leggings all sorts of things and now that’s his source of income and we’re all relieved that’s great and I I really wanted to you to share that because so many people are out there on um are unhappy with where they at where they’re at but they have this obligation this expectation to stay where they’re at for other people’s benefit they can’t do what they want because oh that’s me being uh they they feel guilty self is 10 points that any in the guest Network game so yeah what I want you to hear from from the professional herself that’s had a lot of experience with this people benefit by you doing something that makes you happy it’s better for everyone around us well I know what will make me happy is lying down on the floor let’s see how this works for everyone well actually Joanna um just said I feel like I should give this book as a secret Santa gift to several co-workers oh great idea

elephant gift just like you slip it into the elephant gift uh Christmas party give it to your assistant manager you know who I’m talking to

encourage them to take a new job I’m wondering if you wanted me to Circle back and give you the strategies real quick yes we would love to hear about these seven key strategies now my first question are they in order or could you do anyone anywhere no there is they’re they’re best used in order however there comes a point where you want to go back maybe not to number one but to at least number three and recycle as you realize well wait a minute I want to do something different from this so the the first couple have to do with knowing yourself if you don’t know yourself how can you know what you’re going to do so the right we would make a good sign so the first one is explore your life and that means not just your own life history but thinking about your ancestry because there are sometimes there are things that our parents or our grandparents did that we have somehow inherited and never thought well maybe there’s something else instead so that’s the longest piece of the whole process is writing a personal life history then know your skills and your challenges know the things that you all the things that you can do and that could be anything from the first wealth comedy is clearly on yours I’ve seen you before so I know but yeah you know you’re both excellent coaches so you’ve got to know you’re using a number of different skills in your life at this point in time um so know your skills and know your challenges so I may ask people to list every skill they’ve ever had and if you’ve never worked outside your home you don’t know what skills there was somebody who once said the the parent who can decide who gets the gum drop last Gumdrop the three-year-old or the five-year-old can negotiate any labor dispute and I think she’s right so you know budgeting you know Team Management you know systems you know things like measuring if you have a child you know sales because those veggies didn’t sell themselves that’s right those veggies didn’t get eaten by themselves

but you also have to know which things that you ever want to do again regardless of how good you are so I am outstandingly good curriculum designer and you could not pay me enough money to ever design another curriculum for something I was going to do then we we move on to um your base which is maintaining and expanding your relationships it’s imperative to know who you can call on and what you can call on them for so some people call that your executive board it’s your team yeah go ahead that first the first couple of elements that we’ve got right there folks are highly valuable whether you’re looking to change career or not whether you’re looking to be happy within your environment or expand your advice getting to really break down who you are and definitely looking at the genetic thought structures that were created before you that you have subconsciously inherited because that’s a big area that I work with people is the inherited subconscious belief structures that actually are limiting what people are trying to achieve in their current life so definitely those those first couple of elements there uh there that were mentioned is worth doing no matter whether you want to change or just enjoy more of what you’ve got being aware of who you are because no matter where you go the common element is you so stuff isn’t working over there or over there no matter where I go people who just are so ignorant really it could be the way you’re approaching everyone one of those environments so really getting to know who you are based on the genetic belief structures or your inherited belief structures of your environment your culture your Society I just want to reinforce that element that for those people that are listening they go well I’m not looking to change career what you’re saying right here is highly valuable for you no matter where you are yes listen to the coach that’s that’s crucial that’s crucial then we come on to the pieces that get a little bit easier the next one uh number four is recombine your skills you may have done things that you never thought about using in a different setting uh but my classic example is that everything that I needed to know about managing staff I learned by teaching four-year-olds

the basic mentality really doesn’t change over the decades the body just gets bigger and those skills came in so handy in my career as a management but also in my career as a curriculum designer because now everyone who we’re trying to teach in any way is a Sesame Street baby so that means they have they’re focused on three minutes of attention span and then they’re gone so how do you structure things in three minutes and so all the things come in handy in another way and you can just you know it’s kind of like a salad you can keep putting different things in and taking things out and so you get a combination that’s pleasing to you then you have to be patient really you have to do little expense now there are things like um workations where you can go and try out a job for a few weeks there are internships there are apprenticeships if you’re thinking about something and you’re not sure go find a way to try it out and keep trying to very cool Joanna said the last two years I was a teacher with four-year-olds uh with four-year-olds at Head Start if I was going to start my life over and do everything over I would want to work actually in forensics uh at the Behavioral Analyst unit for the FBI that’s what I want to do but Amy that’s a good skill transfer for somebody who’s a coach because you already had those skills from you know from analyzing clients and their lungs as you work for them yeah

and also from sales because uh sales negotiators interrogators and attorneys it’s all the same skill set actually it’s being able to relay a story and get the other person to make decisions about it yes yes

there’s my office assistant to be in go away you’re not on it so you’ve got two cats I Believe I I do and this one um was rescued uh next to his dead mother when he was one day old so he has separation inside so he thinks that he has to be up here if I’m if I’m over here so I’ll just keep pushing him up uh what are the times this is Obi like Obi-Wan Kenobi because he’s a little psychic

Ernie and that’s the name here

uh Obi-Wan meowy meow

these are not the whiskers you’re looking for meow [Laughter] hello junior thank you for the follow [Music] ing sorry we have a fun little graphic that plays when um when we get a new follower so so that’s what


so that’s great so this strategies that people can take advantage of they can grab the book and um and read through them and what’s what is one of the what is one of the things that in the book to do things the most important is there a specific chapter is there a specific story or a concept that you’re like hey if you’re not going to read anything else at least read this part

um possibly the first two chapters but I don’t I don’t know it’s hard to um it’s sort of like you know lining up somebody’s children and saying pick your favorite um

um I you know it’s it’s hard to say I think all of them are good I mean the last two are deal with fear and if you can’t deal with fear of change or fear of growth then you might as well not have bought the book and the final one is reassess and re-prioritize because I feel like you go through this process you find something that we’re even know and maybe a few years from now you’ve got different thoughts maybe you’re at a different stage in your life maybe you’re ready to um like I’m pretty much ready to move out of New York City you know so what does that mean in terms of my skill skip to the different ones or what new skill sets do I need going back to something you said very early in a world where so much is done online and so much is virtual so

very cool and as a bonus or not bonus you get my whole life story so you can see every mistake I ever made and every good decision I ever made and and for those who don’t like to hunt for things there’s a chapter that just has the exercises in it oh that’s Amy’s chapter and I agree I read a lot of books so she’s like that’s it I’ll get it but you guys right now [Music] 14.99 for the for the hard copy of it so uh or for a physical copy of it so guys go grab um her book and you can learn a lot more about her and are you on social media I know you’re on LinkedIn right I’m on LinkedIn I’m on Facebook um both as uh what is it uh fabulous over 50 females and um

you go come on down and also uh as as um Susan or Maya coding Consulting awesome awesome well so and one thing to to take advantage of here folks is Dr Suzanne has a lot of experience many decades experience now you could learn Yourself by struggle concern uh mistake reevaluate mistake reevaluate mistake or save a whole lot of time get a book learn the process and go oh I learned not to do that for from Dr Susan I learned not to do that I learned to be aware of that and then following the master that’s achieved success and has helped hundreds and thousands of others achieve success you’re going to achieve your success far quicker with less expense in time and money and energy so yeah this benefit of getting a book like this and reading from someone who’s already walked that path and can point out which which berries to eat and which ones are poison I told you

he was waiting to get that one in

so awesome uh thank you so much so much for your time [Music]

I’m so glad that you know apparently the time zones got mixed up I think that’s what yeah that happens that happens and my and my assistant in the Philippines so she may have given you the long time very possible so I I think she did I’m so glad that you sent me uh an email so I knew to come back it’s delightful to see both of you again having seen you in other places at other times and uh thank you so much awesome thank you so much have a beautiful day and and you guys give her a warm uh a warm Amazon uh um see you soon yeah everybody’s saying thank you very much thank you thank you thank you yeah very motivating thank you thank you they’re over excited uh yeah awesome thank you so much thank you oh man that was great she’s great yeah yeah a lot is she on YouTube or anything I’m pretty sure she is so um have a look at the book uh you see sort of right now do a Google search on the name and she’ll pop up in this thing and she also has Consulting so I’m sure she’s uh available to find through through the search items I think what we should do yeah you should talk about that little soccer ball okie dokie and I’m gonna pull the names for the prize Well we should spend a prize we’re going to give away a prize to win have a look at this this is uh from Omid omed now I love this first of all where’s my little base

there he is comes out so it’s a light bulb I a light bulb it goes in with a normal light bulb fitting just replace the light bulb it comes sitting like this so what I would do is I would spray paint this green and draw little stick figures running around it that’s me now I would give this as an award and a trophy you can plug it into any light feature that has this normal picture and

um where is my light bulb they’re asking if Amy uh if Amy was this is

[Music] so the invented you know it’s actually plastic it’s LED it’s like in a break it’s got a it’s got like seven year lifespan it’s very long uh it is dimmable so you can go high or low in intensity and brightness and it looks fantastic in a light socket it also looks great in the lamp it also looks great on a get a bunch of them put them in a string of of Lights uh if you’re a sucker I found it

how can it drop if it went from the floor to my hand unbelievable okay um it was black and it was in the shadow so I couldn’t see it so here we go we have a normal light fitting I’m just going to screw him in here

look at that now this isn’t dimmable if it was dimmable you could go through that range of of light from from Bright to to dim but that’s how easy it is and it’s not hot it’s plastic I have dropped this so um not today so this is the light bulb but soccer ball light bulb uh kids love it like my grandson the other day and someone played soccer on because he played soccer he saw uh there was a commercial that started with uh someone kicking a soccer ball I guess it’s a soccer ball yeah he just freaked out it was so funny like it was just like I don’t know what little boys have we’re like they’re like whoa It’s the emotional connection of playing with a team playing with that all that’s associated with the visualization of seeing a soccer ball so when that light comes on at night they have that comfort of their friendship so uh so this is uh the soccer ball light bulb dimmable no you dropped it that one time that’s how I knew that it was classic because I had a heart oh yeah I have dropped this yeah foreign

rugby player yeah I’m not going to drop this because it’s a ball while Jamie is pulling the names for the for the uh prize Well I’m gonna go ahead and do a quick uh roll call roll call let me see in the chat let’s see what should we say Jamie is not an emu today [Laughter] right right um a b emoji and then what animal you’re going to get Amy to do when animal impersonation pops up so no the big emoji and then an animal B A Bear B whatever okay be ready Jennifer Louie markelli Shelby 325 Carlos V Nunez uh I think it’s rod RI Rodriguez be a monkey Heavens want you to be a monkey

Angelica Villarreal Stargazer Sheila Vicki e Ali cat B Alyssa Angelica Villarreal Annie Oakley Bart be a dog Brenda Haynes candy monkeys

Kamar Cody Lake Darren Bogart uh Deborah Cooley yeah teddy bear Evan be a ladybug flying possum Ginny Gizmo Caroline girl Jan you Jennifer lude Joanna W be a lady enjoy later be a cat Genoa Jimenez Kmart Kelly Larry p and Leslie Sheffield Lisa C Lori Lynn Margaret Marlene B awesome be a donkey amen

Nelson Guzman uh pudgy Randy Dresden siren group of army Robin Luker oh be an octopus um be a blessing oh that’s cute oh that’s cute I am the blessing you know Samantha gavero Shelby 325 Stargazer summer schlechner Susie Knope a palm tree Tatiana C troubled a cow uh Valerie Lemoine Vicki e welcome to Junior and zebra cakes uh-huh take it away Jamie foreign


are you here Alyssa Alyssa Alyssa are you here Alyssa timer and we’re rocking around oops um my bad started late

pause 30 seconds Around the Clock five four three two one go we’re back on the clock now sorry if I Alyssa Alyssa I had it set for um 25 instead of 35 so I’m gonna pause it for a second I’m gonna let those five seconds go through four three two one then we’re going to resume Alyssa I’ve given you ample time I can’t do much more than Alyssa Alyssa

okay time’s up all right uh


oh dude

waiting Beulah Bueller all right you got 30 seconds on clock Susie let us know what was that noise that you just made oh you knocked that over yeah my adventure Susie Susie

so who’s he Susie nope Susie synopsis

how fast could everyone say Susie note Melissa and Susan Alyssa Susie Knope

fly Bueller time’s alone now we’ve got four seconds ding ding ding

there it is all right

stop watching [Music] whoa what’s Virginia [Applause]

and timer on the clock whoa Rich are you here are you what’s the name

and uh don’t worry uh we’re just going to drop the name out for this spin so as we’ll get so we don’t go back in again I’ll delete them if they come back in again then they can re-enter yep the names are names from yesterday too yeah yep yep for sure we just want to make sure you guys don’t to go in and keep re-entering well I do I do it’s good for it’s good exercise for your fingers yeah yeah g’day awesome ding ding ding wool Rich will Rich the Junior ding ding ding ding awesome Mom you entered yesterday but you didn’t put


oh let’s go I saw Island girls named just before Island Girl Island Girl Island Girl yes yes

we’ve got you on there if you haven’t go to

let’s go see what you want now what kind of animal do you want Amy to do no stop trying to create that you like you would do an animal

what you say about you bring about words into the universe Amy Amy doing an animal in animal impersonation

[Applause] [Music]


you were cheating now where are they congratulations I’m adding them on to the wheel oh that was close I don’t know if you saw that in the on the wheel let me just uh acute magnetic pins have a look at that folks oh oh no it’s going back to normal now but it was right up on the line it was right up on the line it nearly had me doing an animal impersonation it really did but you’ve got these just because it was so close uh that’s not how it works because you know the karma of just trying to wish it on your wife your loving life that just loves you

it sounds like you’re on a sales pitch so what you want Island Girl these are really cute these are little pins and what they do is they’re magnetic and they have little diamantes on the ends of them and you can use them for white boards you just could use them first so you can kind of pretty up your white boards or pretty up your um refrigerator with notes and things like that so they’re on yesterday’s show I had to go to yesterday’s Showbox together so um so island girl what I’m going to need you to do though I’m going to need you to email me because I don’t Nation so we’re going to ship it out directly from here so my email is yes go ahead and send me your shipping address wherever you want me to ship it to I will ship it to you so the little magnetic pins this is it yeah magnet on the bottom and the Diamante on the top there yep they’re really super cute and you get a set of 10. you can use this over your fridge great I love to hear that awesome yay I like it when people get a prize that they want like a blind date like a blind date it’s like Hey Oh yay yay yay well congratulations did you put her name on the on the sheet I will that would be great thank you add her name to the sheet John now what we got here the very next little item that’s underneath that is these are uh fitted sheets for from till you for a baby bassinet that’s not is that what you guys call it yeah doesn’t it crib yeah a bassinet or is a crib with gangster’s hands

um so this is it’s a little fitted shape so it makes it really easy to put it on have it nice and wrapped around uh through uh for the best then to get a set of two there’s two different colors in there um and uh do they have they have some different uh designs as well and they haven’t this is the Jersey Tyler and they also have uh polyester as well so you’ve got two different stands it’s fabric it’s breathable and uh nice and easy machine washable so it’s so cool to just pop it in flop it around oh yeah need to switch it take this one throw it in wash put the other one on so Joanna said first glance it looked like surgeon Hospital booties hey Tyler what you giving away today you guys you going live today what are you giving away we’re gonna give away standing desk from Tech orbits tomorrow tomorrow a standing disc a desk that goes up and down electro electric electrically they’re great till you also from Alan debate welcome hello hello hello yay this is uh the next thing from um so till you and it’s another twin set so you get two and it’s a baby um

it’s a baby bag it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a two-year sleep sack and this is what it looks like in Australia because it’s upside down thank you this is what it looks like the right way up now what’s very cool this one’s got unicorns on it so it makes it very cool uh it’s got uh two buttons here little press stud buttons that um so you can adjust the length if you want from from a little bit shorter to a little bit longer and you’ll see there’s nice and wide down here wider at the bottom so the baby can can kick its legs around nice and easy and and it’s got a little protector cover for the zipper zipper can go down this way or the zipper can come up this way which is very handy when you need to change those diapers or as we call them in Australia a nappy Smite so when when your little rugrat when I made a boo-boo boo you’ve got to change the nappy easy access right here so cute very cute so that’s the no cold feet for those nice and comfy for song says they love their baby sacks keeps them very warm yeah Auto snuggler I’m a snuggler what’s an auto snug like automatically snuggles you oh because it’s a baby bag I’m your friend at Uni called Auto snugger that’s what they called me and I told them

no I was called way worse and moving on talking about baby the baby the babies appropriate phraseology

the awesome baby uh pen yeah but got two or three kids pop them in the pen together so this is the the baby pen now the base is slightly padded and it’s waterproof great for indoor great for outdoor also the seam at the base here comes up a good two inches inch inch and a half to two inches and so that means that if anything spills in here it’s not going to run out over your carpet or the rest of your floor you can easily see through with the mesh in here and there’s two doors there’s one on one side one on the other side that actually zips and here it is it it zips down so you can I guess you take this down oh we didn’t see it we checked here put this up I guess and Alyssa welcome [Music] um I’m glad you’re here we I’ve removed you from the prizable because you won so to get injured you have to go back to to enter so go put your entries in go put your name back in yeah go put your name and I removed you so you and we just dropped it out so as uh uh we weren’t continually calling your name each time it would come up uh easily fits together with the poles that’s okay we’ve got lots more prizes to give up we’ve got more prizes today yeah these poles aluminum two feet long and they easily connect together with these connectors and the floor connectors have this suction cuff so it suctions on the floor so it won’t slip around on vinyl or anything like that so it goes together super easy and great playpen to keep your kids safe contained and let you have two seconds to breathe before you’re going to get back into The Fray of what do you need what do you want oh so so that’s this is the baby playpen

super easy to put together uh fill it up with all the little uh their toys their plushies everything that you want and uh you can easily see from a distance what’s going on there because of all that viewing area but they can’t run away and it’s strong it’s sturdy and the where the bars go through it’s padded and protected so everything’s been considered uh for for this um for this playpen hey welcome not Mike Rowe rope wrote Ralph I’m not sure what your name is welcome welcome

Mike if you’re not Mike who are you who are you then all right good question the Donner Kalimba this is a Kalimba this is the thumb piano

I know that’s I keep dropping that as loud here we go you come to this great sturdy carry case you get a tuner in there and there’s an app that you can log on to tune it and what you do is you pluck it and it goes oh that’s a little sharp that’s a little flat you tap it with that little Hammer to make it that’s made of wood and it’s got a key chart in there it’s got a finger guide for you to be able to um choose to learn from and and get how to now how this works is you just pluck them hear that Zen

[Music] oops I was hoping that last one [Music]

jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is nice well done well done so yeah it’s fun it you can have it around a camp house next thing it’s not available it’s not available

is the ukulele isn’t it yep hey is it available it is available

now they come in different colors and your pack your backpack travel case with multiple handles for 80 bucks is um the same color so you can tell this one’s the orange we’ve got the orange ukulele inside it also comes with an ukulele tuner as well inside extra string shoulder strap the whole McCoy everything that you need to start making beautiful music hi chain Lewis welcome g’day Chase now I have not tuned it but it matches but it matches my voice and Jamie himself is out like your attitude

give me a home at the Buffalo Roam and the cows oh an Aussie tune yeah wow give me a home amongst the gum trees with lots of plum trees a sheep for two and a kangaroo and a clothesline out the back Miranda rocking chair I’ve been around the country and I’ve seen the fool or two and that is what you’re going to see when you come along with you everybody knows what’s going to happen next Sam is gonna report in a request foreign [Laughter] you can have a lot of fun with things introduce every that every time

a country and western song every time do you know there are two kinds of music country and western do you know what happens um this is this is this is Eerie this is Eerie you know so hey Lois this is for you [Music] to see Jamie’s dancing hipster he’s like hip surfing he’s like I miss it when this when the when the video comes up I get to see it it’s it’s it was personal it was very personal I’m going to take it personally that’s for sure um now you need to do is very very very eerie do you know sometimes when you play music backwards there’s a hidden message if you’ve heard of this do you know what happens when you play country and music backwards you get your car back you get your girlfriend back you get your dog back you get your house right back get your life back

you get to ride on trains so all right this next thing is from the e-star a tinner this is a full-on trombone I want to see Jamie play this

I played it last night and you weren’t happy the invisible trombone and no no did you say I was magical not at all now you’re not magical at all Jamie I don’t want you to do that Jamie oh my God I hate to run anything that’s what you said this is I’ve got a special video for you Serenity after this one

trombone great for beginners and students thanks for sending it to us to compare and share this fun addition to a musical environment the package includes this great travel and storage hard Pace all the cleaning uh brushes and cloth white gloves and the Easter ETB 330 trombone with a 7c mouthpiece and a shoulder pad for comfort and stabilizing it’s made of a high quality brass made body and two layers of thickened lacquering protective coating for wear resistance and durability great choice for beginners for its clean voice accurate tone bright and penetrating sound for daily practice studio recording on stage performance and it’s a school band approved

[Music] thank you

I’m not very proficient at the trombone I don’t know if any of you could could tell my proficiency or or not but Serenity thank you for the follow this is for you [Music]

that’s your advice if you’re not currently following us go ahead hit that little follow button it means a lot to us we greatly appreciate it uh thank you very much so that’s the trombone um so if you are or your kids want to learn the trombone it’s a great opportunity to grab one there um makes a beautiful noise now depending how good they are you may want to have some speakers playing some support music either very loudly very softly in support of them and we’ve got three great uh speakers here for you to be able to have a look at Jump away from it I love that song was like you have the Mickey Mouse clubs the white Mickey Mouse club’s on the trombone in the video I need to go get water some I was out of water so which one’s the first one up uh the first one up is the sound core motion sound that’s this guy the bigger the guy the biggest

sound core um here’s the motion I’ll pull him out thank you hit that follow button following is caring it is caring that’s right and Amy’s going to do something embarrassing uh if we get 10 followers today so so oh really got a few more so go get your friends

moving on so uh you’ve got a audio to audio and you’ve got your charging cable right here so then about here it is you’ve got your uh different buttons that you can push it’s waterproof for you to be able to take advantage of that additional sound there and you’ve got these wonderful speakers and I’m sure if you can see the uh you can actually see them in there can you see them let’s get the light you can see it you can okay great uh so you get these extra great pieces of extra bass you’ve got the the little button right here that says base up so you can get that bass boost bass boost bass boost bass boost that’s what you want get some basements you’ve got 12 hour play time it’s you it’s 100 waterproof drop them in which is an extra 15 coupon on this one too uh so it’s 106.99 with another 15 off of it that’s right so you’re getting it for about 90 bucks and you can get it in blue black red the different prices uh but they’ve got some different discounts so check them all out I prefer the black I like to have it hidden in the bushes uh so when the kids come for Halloween I can push the plug just kidding I can push the play and then you get the snarl of the Sabertooth tiger [Applause] that’s great like Michael Russell said you have a little fishing line attached to the bush and you wrestle it and then

the memories of my dad’s Alabama was my very first memories and he’s sitting in a chair in our house in Alabama and just like sitting completely still in like some weird scary masks and kids would come up to get candy and then he would like all of a sudden move and those poor kid some of the kids was ran and didn’t even get candy there I was like I’m out of here

uh so this has got the a huge deep bass amplification sound so it’s big bass support so you’re not going to get tinny sound at all you’re going to get a full depth of sound from here um and you can customize the sound quality through the app connect to it and adjust the EQ settings you can do that with all your Sound Cores here so that’s an added bonus we’ve got um this we’ve got the sound chord two and the sound chord three uh I’ll just open the two two three two one here’s the two the three looks the same except it’s here here’s the two here’s the two here’s the three uh buttons are on the top of the same Power 24-hour Play Time waterproof uh link them together so you’ve got this surround sound effect going on uh great combination with the sound Core 2 soundcore three uh get two sound core twos and and have some fun uh plenty of play time out and about you cannot connect them too so you can get some really good sound and if you’re if concerned about pricing I think the anchor 2 is good like I like the anchor three is great you get more bites you get more bass but I think the anchor 2 is fantastic so if you’re worried about price just get the anchor too yeah they’re both good though they’re both good yeah and the anchor 2 is only 39.99 and uh let me just see if there’s any discounts on that today there is there’s another 10 coupon on that you guys holy cow 29.99 for the the sound card too a year ago this sound part 2 was 75 dollars

it’s all about that base all about the bass about the bass we’re twerking today device holy apple muffins that’s right holy Apple muffin sound core all right this next item is a space heater this is such a cool space heater um because you can use it as a fan too it’s from trust Tech yeah so foreign

see how far it turns wow on the top here we’ve got our two controls we’ve got the uh fan so you can have it off turn it on this is just blowing air

anyway so like a politician just blowing it and um then we turn another one you’re getting heat and then another turn you’re getting more heat this is 1500 watts this is 750 watts and this is just air it heats up pretty much instantaneously and you get your high and low speeds here so okay they’re saying that me and me and utepia should do a twerking contest but you all haven’t seen nothing until you’ve seen Jamie twerk Evan says b b right there on the table well she didn’t tell us but you did oh Evan said it but not on the table yeah she goes she said B and then she said table no no I’m giving it to Evans anyway I’m giving it to Evans yeah put that over there okay

but you’re terrible putting them away I’m not putting it away well then give it back to you just candy the Box

thank you is that so hard yeah yeah interrupted my flow

angelici says Joanna W Angelica villarre and song table Bean hey you’re getting extra drugs yeah we’ve got some uh fabulous clothes over here this this is um oh yeah this is cute more pajamas I see I should have worn those today yeah you should have these are so cute these are so comfortable to you guys they really are and they get like a super soft construction but look at that they got this uh touchy-feely knit pattern little shorts and a nice long sleeve and it’s so comfortable you guys so comfortable this one is

you know why I didn’t wear this one because when I came over to look at what should I wear I went over to the the other one and when we pulled the products they’re over yeah I should have looked over there that’s on me now there’s a 10 coupon that you can also do for this so there’s a 10 coupon and there’s a collection of different colors uh and if you quickly scroll through the colors it’s like a tick tock it’s like the young lady they’re modeling is changing her clothes really quickly think look I’m wearing burgundy and wearing blue I’m wearing green I’m wearing yellow where you know so yeah you can play the the tick tock color game with that oh yeah yeah this next thing is also soft and comfy and fit this is I love the feel of this guy and Amy wears a lot of time you can wear it as a shirt you can wear it as a jacket and it has an open as a jacket but quite often um they’re very similar to the one that we showed yesterday was for men yeah this is It’s a corduroy top

women’s corduroy shirt now it’s long sleeve so you can wear it as a jacket or you can wear a gesture shirt they do have different colors that are available it’s 30 off right now so it’s 30 off down from 46.99 plus there’s an additional 20 coupon so you’re going to get another 6.40 off that so you’re looking at 26 basically 26.50 for for the show great price for a shirt it is true to size uh and they’ve got some great colors I’m surprised you didn’t get this one what is that the magenta it’s two it was too red it was too red for you yeah it’s too red for me what about the Goldy colored one though it is a nice color I’m gonna go green yeah I’ll go green or purple if I can’t find a good orange or you know color like that I’ll go green or purple and the next little piece of costume clothing yeah Amy’s all dressed up in this one goes great with her um prom over bell bottom pants and a nice and a nice um because it’s a midriff jacket so right there so and um almost covers our Amy’s Top-Up uh and buttons up nicely and then with the prom over slack pants and a nice different colored top uh it’s quite trendy walking along uh song he is not trying on my jean jacket he could barely fit an arm in it and then he would ruin my jean jacket he’s not trying that on no absolutely not and it’s super cute prom over pants either I did he is not going to stretch those out again that’s right I’m not going to try him on again but the problem again have you even wear my clothes when I’m out of the room Jamie is that why I come back in my am I stretched I didn’t stretch it hashtag awkward conversation so moving on the Primal pants are still on sale thank you for that Joanna they’re amazing how much do you love these things they’re great I want them in all colors I need to contact the company and have them sentences they’ve got some nice Deep Pockets for you they’ve got a nice big high waist stretchy band that high waist gives you more shape and contour and the legs are bell bottom at the bottom so they’re loose and they’re flowy so you actually feel quite free and comfortable in them so and what I love about the prom over yoga pants is that you can you could do yoga in them you could full-on weightlifting exercise dance anything in them and you could throw a nice like uh a nice Blazer and you could be completely dressed up for work that’s right like you could do either or you could literally go from from from pajamas to work out to work I mean there we go they’re great not that you wanted you’d probably want to change clothes great combination set and here is uh this is the uski that I’m gonna steal from Jamie this is this is awesome awesome awesome uh toiletry travel case Joanna says they’re the most comfy I have ever worn same Joanna the prom over pants are amazing and those pockets are great you’ve got these great profits they’re awesome

so one of the things that I find key with this is this little hook has a safeties place for it to be placed in so it’s not accidentally hooking on other things when you’re in and around but you get to where you need to go you hang it up this is mesh this is waterproof this is a waterproof vinyl on the inside here as well uh and you’ve got all these little pockets you can place in but there’s more to it than just that you also have these two awesome side pockets and a shoulder strap or or a carry strap as well if you need it

uh comfy I’ve ever worn depending on the weather I have a pair laid out for Christmas awesome and uh Sam says Jamie this toiletry is off the hook LOL ah good one

it it really it’s a good one and it’s cute really good it is nice I think we might need to move on from it because I don’t think it’s available I think things are getting sold out for Christmas no it is available just not that one all right so the purpose so this you can choose a different color yeah the purple one oh no you can the purple one is available it’s only available in the extra large though and it’s got an extra little that’s why a little peg in there for you to quick access important things straight away so it’s normally 34.99 it’s on sale for 25.99 this is a great gift to learn your life

likes to be on the move not talking about great gifts this is the Precision drill set look at it right there I’m holding in my hand a 24 piece Precision drill set that’s right a 24 piece Precision drill set crazy right in my hand I’m holding the whole thing I’m holding the hole in one hand I’ve got the whole set in my hand I’ve got the whole Precision group set in my hand oh God anyway so I got the YouTubers so it spins here on the top very smooth spin so you hold here turn Precision magnetic pops up lifts out here you have six bits on the top six bits on the bottom and on each one of these bits you have a top and bottom so there you go it comes in dark turquoise turquoise Cinnabar red and also slate gray it’s normally 39.99 it’s on sale for 26.99 and there’s another 20 coupon on this guy magnetic stays in slopping down there we go

and so does PC film yes this is such a good gift for a guy even if he already has a drill set he’ll be like oh my God this is so cool it’s a good gift for anyone even women yeah ladies carry this in your bag and it’s like oh there’s a problem there sir let me help you excuse me uh let me explain to you um how you use this here just get out of my way it’s no funny when it’s done the other way

someone it’s not funny when it’s done to you Michelle because I love the color oh you great color nice metal it really is an excellent design pristine in all aspects this is from Apex Forge this is a rotary kit and I’m saying that is if I know what a rotary kit does a rotary is a little tool like a drill except it’s a little handheld Tool uh that you can put different things in and make a movement So this hat piece is a uh it is a 300 uh and 57 piece set nice carry case open him up you have all these pieces here for you to be able to use and see Apex Forge 357 piece tool kit

right now

uh and of course underneath the plastic you’ve got a little wrench to be able to do it just underneath the plastic here you also have these other pieces so look at that you’ve got everything you would need plus extras so if anybody has a a little rotary tool uh kit a rotary you’ve got a tool kit that they will never run out of of all the Cutters Grinders scrapers cleaners brushes bristles and the whole thing right there so draw pieces uh glass engravers comes in a nice little handy carry case nice and solid I love it the next thing is from cost weights deep fryer

and I’m just going to take a peek here real quick yes so we’ve got the 3.2 quart and the 5.3 quart we have the 3.2 I believe the the 5.3 it gives you a double basket so you’ve got two baskets so you can deep fry you know you could be deep frying some chicken and fries or something at the same time [Music] same oil for this it comes nice and externally exactly and this is only 84.99 so this is a full-on deep fryer you guys as a name and what we got uh we just got Maria sellers just started following us Jamie Maria this is for yeah [Music] welcome to the honey house

I did show I know it didn’t show over here I don’t think I’m going to change this well we heard it there we go we did we did here so this is the deep fryer

got your basket and say you got your deep fry and you can easily clean it you’ve got a little glass window here hello so you can see through it and you have this piece comes out this piece comes out so you can easily clean this uh wipe down the inside whatever it’s all good for you to be able to use it different ways just plug and play off you go you’ve got um timer if you need to time for certain things plus different temperatures to get that oil at certain temperatures with this element you know and because of because of this uh when the chips go in they’re in their element huh [Laughter] and okay okay oops

it’s very easy to slip back in when you’re looking at it and not the camera so and this is the little handle slips in here and uh the whole basket sits in and when it’s sitting in you’ve got a little Groove so your Lids back on and you can deep fry any spitting it’s not going anywhere keeping it all together so if you like to do deep fried here you have the opportunity to have your deep fryer at home for you to be able to do deep frying at home with the cost way a deep fryer 84.99 and um that’s uh that’s it like Amy said there’s the 3.2 quart which we’ve got right now there’s only 15 left in stock and then you’ve got the the double uh deep fry which is the 5.3 quad for 129. awesome I got this now the next groovy item this is the uh V rant heat press HTV wrong now you’ve got your uh stand that you can put it on when you’re done you’ve got your bag that you can carry it all keep it all together it comes in different colors so if you prefer a different color go grab yourself a different color what’s really cool is the digital display that you got down here for you to be able to choose uh temperature turn it on and off choose the amount of time and make adjustments and the weight is quite solid for you to be able to sit it and let it do its job ah deep fried Oreos

uh that would be a no from my doctor Dr Amy holidays it’s not open so here we go

Amy I’m trying to work if you’re not on camera you can’t talk they’re the rules so this actually has a a coil that goes all the way around so you get even heat the whole way around definitely valuable for you there quick she can’t see you eat Oreos

you know in England uh they have deep fried Mars Bars and deep fried Snickers bars like on this like the street vendors sell those crazy people I didn’t try my friends and the other thing is the other thing that I thought was always crazy but I’ve never tried it but it sounds like maybe it might be good but they have at the fair is deep fried butter

not unless you’re going to walk across the um Arctic Jenny said it was really good she tried it I think and she said what it was was um it was breaded on the outside so when you open it it was almost like butter just melting right into a pancake because of the breading on the outside you know so it was just like a very buttered pancake basically deep fried stuff sweet oh sweet hi Randy Dresden welcome get out are you ready so also there’s the the next two items are the different colored uh options of the vinyls for you to print out to get a nice colored roll make your design on cut it out and cut it out I want you to go back in what have I done here there we go uh so make your design cut it out use your uh heat press now this is much better than just winging it uh with say like a an iron which is what I used to do when I was a kid when we get those transfers in the mail because this is designed specifically for the heat aspect that’s required to have a full correct transfer attach so um and here you’ve got different color there’s all different colors this is the black and white combo I like to start with this combo because you can do a lot of lettering a lot of designs just in a black and white shadow aspect put it on a colored shirt and you’re good to go so if you have a green shirt you can use white as the Highlight black is the Shadow and green as the main color to create a uh a frog or a Grinch very cool and they’re on sale right now and you’ve got tons of colors and they even have I like the gold I like the broken golden glass and the uh broken glass texture that looks like it’s almost a rainbow oh yeah I like that it looks mermaids now these uh pulled the upside down one down oh

solar powered for posts solar powered lights for posts you make the top so you can have a nice post and then you just stick that on the top of the post yeah it makes a very

now you’ve got several different bases that you can put on you’ve got three different bases to go with the light on the top oh that’s cool and it easily goes on uh the little hooks drop it on do a quarter turn and it locks in place same for the lid on top of the solar panel take it out you see that little yellow orange cord there pop him out and the batteries now charged up ready to go so the solar power is charging and this is a rechargeable battery but the little cords in there so when you pull that out it will start straight away for you and you’ve got a switch inside here for either white light or warm light so you can have like a yellow tone or you can have the or the cold white light so that’s it you get all this is the pack of four you get your package packs 12 24

and uh so yes this is plastic yet it’s brushed and it looks like bronze it doesn’t feel like it yeah it doesn’t have a plastic no and unless people are going up and pulling the light off your Lamppost and going what is oh hang on plastic’s not going to rust damage or other elements as well it withstands the different temperatures very well so that’s right Allen today hit that follow button following is caring we appreciate it every single time thank you that means cost you nothing means a lot to us so thank you very much portable uh the portable door lock I am super excited I just gave my daughters going traveling I just gave her a set of these hey Christopher sheaves thank you for the follow thanks Christopher and anyone else that’s not following go ahead hit that follow button Christopher this is for you [Music] welcome

now this is the door lock this is how simple this comes in this little simple carry bag uh have it in your travel uh attire keep it with you all the time very simple this piece here goes into the door frame depending on what type of door frame insert you have either the square or the uh almost Circle one once that’s in you shut the door and then this heavy duty PVC uh drops in and slides down pushing up tight against the door so now the door shut put it on it can’t open because this is it take this off and then the door opens up so you can turn any inward opening door into a a lockable door for safety this is fantastic for traveling hotels airbnbs dorm rooms uh share accommodation to prove yourself privacy and security it is a great this is what I was one of us when I’m like portable door lock why do I need a portable door lock my door already locks and then when we got it I was like amazing and so the very first time we went to a hotel we accidentally got a room that was like right by the pool and it was in Florida so it was like Party City wasn’t it Orlando right yep and uh it was Party City and so these everybody was partying to late in the night and I’m so glad I had this I threw the door lock on I felt completely safe in my room didn’t feel like some drunk was going to try to come in I was able to put some blinders on and and some noise blocking headphones and I slept like a baby so thank you thank you door lock this next thing is from the future oh cool anybody saw Hitchhiker’s Guide the Galaxy and go oh my God a babble fish you put a little thing in your ear and it translates so you can understand and speak to anybody in any language that’s what these guys are they’re airpods the the time cattle earpods and there’s 40 different languages that they will translate along with 93 different accents so in certain uh languages you will have variations within the accents that sound completely different uh you get someone from um Louisiana doing a Louisiana accent oh very good I have to I have to hear it I can’t do I can do Southern right off the top of my head but not a Louisiana specifically you imagine one of those people talking to someone from Oregon hey

it’s okay just kidding folks uh so anyway connect it up with your app

here’s my app my phone’s flat but is my app I’ve there’s three different ways you can use it you can actually just have both of your pods in and communicate and it will speak out you go oh waiter I’ll have XYZ and they’ll talk about what I really love is I could give one earpod to Amy keep one for myself and go she speaks uh Spanish I speak English on the this the app will switch around so the earpod that’s connected to her is going to whatever I say it’s going to put her half in Spanish up the way for her to read it while I on this side I’m getting English she speaks in Spanish and it will translate words in English for me to see and hear simultaneously I speak back in English see sees words in Spanish and hears words in Spanish so that’s what me on today for real for sure I’m not kidding genuine genuine and then you also have transcribed modes so say you’re listening to a lecture it will take in a certain amount of words and then translate it for you taking the next level as translator for you so you go oh it’s Gonna Save Me so much money for like early lectures and oh my God like you would have like oh this is just incredible it’s handy it’s so incredible charges up by the way there is a 15 clickable coupon on that as well wow wow normally 150 it’s 22 off down to 116.99 great last minute Christmas gift guys and it arrives before Christmas get it now get it get it get it get it covers by Saturday at least in my area and in Vegas I don’t know we don’t know about and we don’t know about some of you oh wow anyway yeah and a 15 coupon on that on top of it now if you’re just looking for a set of good earbuds that are noise canceling then here we’ve got the Donna set for you as well they’ve got a nice ergonomic design fits in very nicely into uh the ear so it’s the right or the left

they always look different to the way they go in oh yeah definitely the left it’s like a jigsaw piece oh and of course we’ve got this little bubble you already get noise canceling information but it has the technology in it’ll reduce all the Ambient sound around you and and and and and cut that down so as you were only hearing the sound that you want to hear blue here be at a phone call be it music also it’s got the um

transparency thank you thank you future Jamie for telling me that transparency it’s got transparency tell me what that means a little tap on that and what it does instead of having to take the earbuds out and pack them away it creates it as if you don’t have the earbuds so you’re hearing your environment that’s so cool Kristen clear plus with the noise canceling it reduces the amount of of noise friction so you actually hear your environment clearer and cleaner and some people say uh they they can hear conversations a little bit further away because you know that noise canceling technology is clearing up the audio sound of what’s happening around so you can do the transparency mode with that um Amy wanders around with earbuds in her ear all the time I’m not sure if she’s actually ignoring me with transparency mode I’m just wondering what stuff I’ll try and say under my breath I guess you’ll never know Amy Amy this is really important [Music] I heard me now we’ve got a couple of great little uh safety devices here this is a mask for hey man this feels really good and it’s cool it is so cool and you go it’s cool without putting it into the cold like just naturally so you place it in this little Ziploc bag specifically designed for it um to and it’s got a gel it’s a little bit thick and it’s like like a swimming cap but it goes on smooth and easily and uh and you pull it down over your head and it just cancels out the environment and it feels cool it feels relaxing it feels so good that it is really worth it to to place it on your head and um uh it’s cold and it presses and it’s just oh my God this feels so good I don’t even have a headache and I just want to go lay down with this yeah amazing and you you can put it in the freezer and come if you’ve got migraines it’s going to give you comfort also good if you’ve got like uh puffy eyes or eye redness it’s going to reduce that that blood flow and that puffiness in that area so it’s good there’s actually 13 off right now so it’s down to just 25.99 uh this might be a great thing to use during meditation like really just like walking all the light out just like putting yeah just like put on your Donna noise canceling headphones slip that over your head and Say Goodbye World I’m off to create a new reality with my with my mind yes really beautiful I love that so I love this thing so it’s a cold compress headache hat is what it is and it’s a reusable pop in the bag put them in the freezer or just even if you don’t want to put it in the freezer just having it just just by itself it’s not been in the fridge or the freezer and it feels amazing it does it gives you comfort in a certain way ah if it was in yellow and black you could look like a bee

oh man do they have any yellow ones I would draw black

this is an ankle gel pack now it’s got velor soft uh here on the inside so you don’t have to worry about putting this directly on your skin because a lot of times we’ve got an ice pack you need to put a cloth or something between it and you for freezer burn this already has that built into it so you can just put it directly straight on your skin and it’s got velcro elasticized velcro straps that will attach it so you wrap it around straight imagine that attached to the velcro and secure you’ve got gel going around the bottom of the foot up over the top of the foot up around the Achilles up around to the bottom of the calf where it attaches and you’re cooling that area now remember 40 The First 48 Hours of a sprain strain or injury you want to ice 15 minutes on and off because that’s where you’re getting the tear and the inflammation from the micro capillaries bleeding you want to slow that down that’s where the ice packs so when you have an injury you’re going to greatly improve your recovery time by getting medical attention to it straight away g’day JD jdb this is for you [Music] welcome welcome we very much appreciate following is anyone else listen uh is currently watching not following just go ahead hit that follow button we greatly appreciate it so yeah the first 48 hours is when you want to be doing some form of healing so having this in your freezer ready to go that sprained ankle or situation that’s that’s come up the healing process is going to be a much shorter amount of time because you’re able to put this on and off uh straight away and reduce that Blick because a lot of that swelling is from all that extra bleeding into that area g’day Randy and as I agree and so Randy is highly intelligent so we we must respect what he just said there anybody that agrees with me yes very very very outstanding intelligent people they are this is from Brando and I actually have a full of my makeup I haven’t unpacked my makeup yet um I use this to pack it over to the new house but it’s got this really cool uh section up here that’s velcros down so you can put your your pencils your uh brushes and things like that you’ve also got a little zipper right here that you can fit slide some things inside there and then you’ve got four different um I’m not sure if you can see it I’ll try to bring it up four different you can see all of my stuff four different compartments I filled this guy to pack him over here but yeah he’s great this guy’s great Lando and the joy that Amy had when she found that I have to remove it she was like

[Music] oh the makeup I have it here

heard the makeup that was it that was it that was it the makeup the makeup yeah

I’m hungry I’m tired

the V top uh see-through which are great little things talking about having fun this next time hey we’re gonna have a prize draw so don’t go away we’ve got a project we’re going to give her a prize I’m going to give you guys this entire while Jamie talks about the he used to go to and enter to win especially if you’re new here we’ll get it done and we’re going to be drawing that’s right that’s right that’s right uh we’ll get an Enterprise and remember tomorrow we’re we’re giving away we’re giving away tomorrow of the uh standing desk the thing the very front of the carousel the very first item on the carousel that’s standing that is going to be won by someone tomorrow guaranteed prizes guaranteed price you have to be here to win it so right now uh make sure if you haven’t already entered this is your last chance to go and drop your names in to enter and if you go to uh all you need to do is uh right below that there’s a whole list of giveaways just click that and you can get enter to win for tomorrow’s hi Bart good day bye crossing my fingers for tomorrow oh yeah 11AM 11 A.M Pacific Standard Time yep what time 11 A.M California time Las Vegas time baby Las Vegas time 2 p.m Eastern about 11 A.M Pacific Standard Time says

get out of this a lot of

yeah definitely these are awesome you get three planes in the Box here’s uh two I prepared earlier and as you can see I’ve switched out the wings I’ve put the orange wings in the red and the red in the orange now I’ll quickly show you how they go together it’s very simple it comes like this you know you’ve got your little torpedo body and your two Wings they’re foam so a little bit of flex in them uh they just slide in and then it’s a little bit of a tight push at the end so it’s all nice and snug so there we go nice and snug and then you have your tail wings and you just slip them in as well they come with a little simple set of instructions for you to be able to make sure that you put them the right way the wings are facing the right way also on the top here is a little button turn that on and you get flat little Set of Lights

see that all the way down the top they have wheels on the bottom so when they land they can scroll along and you have a launch control gun so slip him in the top here then we pull this back

now it’s ready to go as soon as I pull this trigger which we wouldn’t want to do see how much fun that is I go and go and go and they fly and they’re awesome here we go yeah oh once more third one demonstration he’s all ready

usually doesn’t fall out except I’m crazy crazy and then we go all the way back here and then we go James honey slash Bond yeah awesome toy for kids all the way up to age 53 and over Maxine says guns uh love them guns

all the way up what

there we go yeah a couple of people saw that there was uh uh there was a b a b how many bees uh we got um we’ve got Evans was the first to spot it Psalm Angelica Villarreal Joanna W Vicki e um actually uh Shelby 325 Maxine Z right who’s Susie no um what did they say they just said B they just said B uh table or B on table b b on table well none of them get an extra draw because it’s two B’s in the middle of the table that’s it now that’s your driver put their name on it wait faces Angelica and baby I mean yeah 10 things are now look at your changing myself so everybody saw me put the B up on the table

um you won something earlier and you weren’t here so we removed your name off the wheel make sure you go to if you want to be in this next prize drop so guys to give you a little bit more time right now to go do that and get on to the prize drop before we spin yeah please you tricked us no we didn’t trick you you still got an extra draw Angelica I can say what I like but Amos want to put your name in the thing yeah Jamie can say whatever goofy stuff he wants to but Amy will uh still give you the drawers I have veto power veto Val Vito I veto power yeah so Susan I brought rock on in drop your name I’ll make sure your name’s in um draw just now so you do get animal interaction while we enter to win uh you’ve had plenty of time but I’m pretty sure uh an animal interpretation will come up for Amy um well Maxine says we should do an animal interpretation while we while we enter the win uh well they’ve all had plenty of time to enter

some people I’ll do an animal impersonation of a palm tree there you go that was it was powerful I’m gonna do one I’m gonna do an animal impersonation right now this better not be me no that’s not an animal I’m not done you don’t even know what I’m gonna do well no I know I know it’s not good for me no you’re rude

that was that was why don’t you take the mic off for that because I didn’t want to slammed the wall with it we can’t hear you now because I didn’t want to slam a wall with it she’s a starfish it’s just ridiculous well Maxine says that was a nut tree funny that’s funny so you’re talking about me being a tree oh that’s funny um okay okay I’m gonna go pull the names you should do an animal impersonation while I pull the names that’s what you should do oh well I will let you guys know uh apparently it’s Sam’s birthday uh tomorrow tomorrow no at the 24th oh which is two days ah in two days but we won’t be doing a show on the 24th so with tomorrow’s prize giveaway show as per requested for her birthday Amy will be singing no she asked for you well Amy will be singing yeah you said you said oh that’s not a big Oscar yeah you do it playing in the chat came up and said Sam said uh Hey I want this I got I looked and I go that’s not a big ask you should do it it’s just like not for you it’s not such a big ass why are you resisting doing it yeah so tomorrow’s show one of us will be singing happy birthday as an emu I’m pretty sure it’s Amy because she says I’m sure it’s gonna be Jamie Amy said it’s not a big deal you could easily do that oh yeah that’s not a big ass you can easily do that foreign stay tuned tomorrow an emu Birthday song tomorrow’s gonna get crazy I think and um the the desk the desk giveaway the desk giveaway tomorrow you’ve got to be here when your name gets called one we may even have some other prizes as well it will happen at some point during the show I’ll be here bye bye well we’re about to do a prizable Sam what if your name gets pulled out it’s happening in um less than five minutes less than four minutes less than three minutes less than two minutes less than one minute count it down folks 60 seconds starting now

oh yeah Joanna Sam you decide uh what song Amy will sing no no it’ll be Jamie I would love Amy and Jamie to sing all right so Amy will do a um I’ll do my Marilyn Monroe question of happy birthday as a name you happy birthday to you

happy have you pulled those numbers save it you will go quick quick Jamie quick and then but you haven’t done your bit yet okay you can pull the names I save them all right so uh we’ve got the first nine inner Jennifer lude Evans Kmart Kelly Shelby 325 Carlos V and Nunez oil Rodriguez Gizmo Carol and John

here can you guys see us can you guys see us and hear us uh Jamie lost his camera he’s coming back in give us a second okay back yeah give us a minute give us a minute Jamie’s got it’s just Jamie’s computer something’s up there so right now I have my camera on and my mic on so it’s not quite the same here we’re back give it a minute um just close out of that completely sorry guys and go ahead and reopen your uh browser and open stream yard again and just come back in


I guess I could always share it from my screen too we’ll see if Jamie can come back y’all will be great singing sorry guys I don’t know what happened with Jamie’s computer did you lose Internet check your internet at the top maybe sometimes people lose Internet oh we’re on Queen two I’m on Queen two yeah we have okay Jamie join me here uh well the reels to spin yep I can um I can open them though well I already decided the prize but yeah save the prize Well and I’ll open it because oh it’s only the um if you win this then let me go in and save a thing if if you have something if you sorry guys if you win something that we’ve already um given away but I can at least go to the names yeah I’m saving uh the prizes so you should have a current set okay but I’ve haven’t got internet I gotta get internet I got it Jamie I got it stop relax come come join me over here real good real good why have we lost queen five I don’t know I don’t know all right you guys ready here we go

look at it

over here

there’s no Carol are you here

are you here can you guys still see us are we still here yay okay I’m still seeing it on the oh and we’ve got two follows we’ve got Hattie started following us on Ellen he okay thank you thank you oh hey you gotta give you guys a little graphic in a moment Gizmo Carol started following so she might not be able to answer okay all right we’re gonna follow this we’re gonna go straight on over the prize wheel and that’s one of the things will happen folks if you’re not showing up in the chat for whatever reason unfollow refollow we will get the follow-up notification that shows that you are here that you are watching so you don’t miss out on winning a prize because when your name shows up you got uh 30 seconds let us know you’re here uh to get that prize excuse me Carol just let us know by doing the follow um that’s the uh and she said here I guess too oh great so okay so um how do you start a following that’s for you Hattie [Music] and also Ellen he this one’s for you welcome to the honey hot [Music] come on come on um I just have to go and open uh the wheel prices yeah prizes now if for some reason we have already given away a prize we’ll let you know because we’re opening up I’m opening up the old wheel so it might not have been saved surprised so just just FYI all right all right here we go on

all right full screen here we go



I believe I believe okay cool I wasn’t sure if we gave it away already felt like we gave it away already maybe not yay okay cool awesome you get the successful mindset book let me just go add it onto the uh wheel the successful mindset the secret to success happiness and wealth oh uh it’s currently only 9.95 right now so if you’re looking for a book on success you’ve got that so how apropos that you won a book during our meet the author Show tips for making the most of your time yeah yeah it’s pretty good book it’s a pretty good read so um Gizmo Carol I will send this off to you so congratulations absolutely congratulations folks and remember tomorrow 11 A.M Pacific Standard time we have our prize giveaway show we’re going to be giving away that standing table one of those electric tables that go up and down shipped out directly to the winner so absolutely absolutely uh if you haven’t got somebody at Christmas present yet just invite them to the show and go well if if you’re a good person you’ll win the gift must the Christmas the Christmas gift that got you because it’s like a record it’s like a scratchy orbit it’s like a scratchy I got you a scratchy it’s the chance to win a standing table you’re welcome you guys Christmas is coming up holidays are coming up whatever you celebrate we love it we I love celebration it’s a great uh way to celebrate and remember you know always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting right well should they remember

folks here we go what a day folks okay

it’s an interesting world out there for everyone you can make it a little better by doing one simple thing and that’s smile at a stranger and if you’re adventurous give them a little wink

tag along with Amy and Jamie while we meet the authors right here on Amazon live ask questions to win a prize from your favorite author’s life so come on just [Music] questions to win a prize from your favorite author’s life



foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Applause] [Music]

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