Products That Help Improve Sleep

Sleep is so important to our health, and when you stop to think about it, you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. We better make it as comfortable as we possibly can. Here are a few products we think can help. We believe in spending your extra dollars in the bedroom, where you can find the best sleep happy products, and where you can ensure the best sleep ever!

1. Block out all the light!

A good quality sleep mask with bluetooth so you can listen to binary beats, or relaxation music as you drift off to dreamland can be a quick solution to sleeping in the dark. For some people, they may not realize how bothered by the light they may be. This can also block out sounds that may wake you.

A Black Out Curtain: This is one of my favorite ‘sleep happy products’. You may also just want to completely block out the light with some easy to install black out curtains. These can add some style to your home, and keep your home more energy efficient at the same time. Guaranteed a good nights sleep! What I love about them is when I’m having to travel a lot and sleep during the day time, I can really block everything out with out having to wear a night time blindfold. Although, sometimes I double up with the curtains and the sleep headphones below.

2. A Good Quality Mattress

Casper Vs Purple: Do not skimp out on your mattress. This is crucial to getting some serious zzzzzz’s. Do you like your mattresses firm? Or softer? And those box spring mattresses are so yesterday! I highly recommend a good foam mattress. Both Casper and Purple are around the same price, and both are about a medium firmness. Both of them are good about keeping your temperature regulated at night. If you want more of a cooling bed, you can choose a cool bed option on both of them as well.

Purple has a layer of support foam, layer of transition foam, and then a layer of their unique purple grid made of hyper elastic polymer. It’s their signature, it’s a cool grid and is really pliable. Laying on this is hard to explain, because it’s not like anything you’ve ever felt before. It’s sort of weightless, or like, literally on clouds. It does feel really weird the first time you lay on the bed, so, you might not like it. Others lay down and are instantly in love with it. Casper does not have the unique feel. It’s more typical of what you see with foam mattresses. The bottom layer is made with pocketed coils or support foam, then a layer of zone support memory foam, and the top layer is Caspers air scape foam. It’s soft and comforting. You don’t feel a big sink down when you lay on it like other memory foams, which makes this super popular.

3. Melatonin, Supplements, Or Tea

Choosing the right supplement for you: When it comes to sleep, we are talking about some very complex hormones here, so consult your doctor before trying anything. I personally love a good night time tea, it’s calming, and having something warm before bed just makes me feel all cozy and calm. As we age, our melatonin naturally declines, so, you could consider a melatonin supplement as well. Magnesium declines as well, so, taking a good quality magnesium before bed can help get extra rest as well as give night time muscle cramp support.

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