Revive & Rejuvenate with Broman’s Dynamic Massage Tools

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Broman Gua Sha, Muscle Roller, Wood Therapy Massage Tools/Reflexology Tools Used as Facial Arm Hand Body Calf Leg Foot etc Massager, Roller Massager

STAYING TRUE TO TRADITION – Traditional wooden massager tools can maximumly take you to a relaxing world. 100% Natural wood can not only give a more comfortable touch feeling on your skin, but also produce a good original wood smell. 2 pcs set wooden massagers (Massage Roller +Triangle Massager) can provide you a full body massage and offers multiple benefits, both physically and psychologically.

FUNTIONALITY – Massager roller can be widely used as back and neck massager, calf massager, hand and foot massager, etc. It can also be used as a beauty and health tool if you use it on your face. Enjoy the pleasant sensation when the 2 wheels squeeze the skins.

PROPER SIZE – Massager Roller is 7.1 inch long. The diameter of the ball wheels is 1.2 inch. You can use it almost anywhere on your body INSTEAD OF ONLY NOSE AND FACE. Particularly, sliding up and down on the backbone is very good usage of this tool.

GOOD MATERIAL – Massage Roller is made of Chicken-Wing wood which is one kind of famous and precious wood widely used in high-class wooden furniture, decorations.

Benefits – Can be used for digesting healthy stomach, falling pillow, rheumatic pain, relieving insomnia, waist pain, fatigue, sleepiness, etc. Help to relax the tense muscles, heal the grave soft tissue damage, and reduce the recovery time, break down the scar tissue. As a lymphatic drainage tool, can effectively stimulates the natural drainage of the lymph and helps to eliminate waste from the body.


Facial Massage


  • Improves blood circulation in the face
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles
  • Relieves tension in the facial muscles


  • May cause sensitivity or irritation in some individuals
  • Requires proper technique to avoid excess pressure on delicate areas

Arm Massage


  • Relieves muscle tension and soreness
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhances blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles


  • May not provide deep enough pressure for some individuals
  • Requires self-application or assistance from another person

Hand Massage


  • Relaxes hand muscles and reduces stiffness
  • Relieves arthritis pain and inflammation
  • Improves grip strength and finger dexterity


  • May not fit comfortably in all hand sizes
  • Requires consistent and prolonged use for noticeable results

Body Massage


  • Alleviates muscle aches and soreness
  • Relaxes the entire body and promotes overall well-being
  • Enhances circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage


  • May be too intense for individuals with sensitive skin or medical conditions
  • Requires proper knowledge of pressure points and massage techniques

Calf Massage


  • Relieves calf muscle pain and tightness
  • Prevents or reduces muscle cramps and spasms
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion in the calves


  • May cause discomfort or bruising if not used correctly
  • Requires enough strength or assistance to apply adequate pressure

Leg Massage


  • Reduces muscle fatigue and speeds up recovery after physical activity
  • Improves blood circulation and prevents vein-related issues
  • Relieves restless leg syndrome and leg cramps


  • May not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions
  • Requires proper technique to avoid discomfort or bruising

Foot Massage


  • Soothes tired feet and reduces foot pain
  • Stimulates reflex zones and improves overall foot health
  • Relaxes the entire body and promotes better sleep


  • May not reach all areas of the foot without additional accessories
  • Requires consistent use for long-term foot health benefits

Product Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • High-quality natural wood material
    • Multiple applications and uses
    • Offers relaxation and therapeutic benefits
    • Compact and easy to carry
    • Enhances blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Cons:
    • May not be suitable for individuals with certain skin sensitivities or medical conditions
    • Requires proper technique for optimal results
    • Not a replacement for professional medical care
    • May cause bruising or discomfort if used incorrectly
    • Regular maintenance and cleaning required

Technical Details

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Question and Answer Section

Question 1: Can this massager be used on sensitive skin?

Answer: While the wooden material is generally gentle on the skin, it is important to test the product on a small area before using it extensively. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Question 2: How often should the massager be used to see noticeable results?

Answer: Consistent and regular use is recommended for best results. Using the massager for a few minutes each day can help to relieve muscle tension and improve overall well-being.

Question 3: Can the massager be used with massage oils or lotions?

Answer: Yes, you can apply a small amount of massage oil or lotion on your skin before using the massager to enhance the effectiveness of the massage.

Question 4: Is this massager suitable for pregnant women?

Answer: It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before using any massage tools or devices during pregnancy.

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