Sharing Your Story With The World With Authors Angel Tuccy And Lois Koffi

MTA 3 | Sharing Your Story

Don’t be afraid to share your story or expertise with the world. A lot of people think that you don’t make money on a book and all the money is in the back end. A book is actually the most ideal low-ticket offer that you can put out into the world. Join Amy Honey and Jamie Honey as they talk to authors Lois Koffi and Angel Tuccy. Lois is the author of Fearless Entrepreneurs while Angel wrote Get Discovered. Tune in to learn why sales is not a swear word and find out how to build a network so that you can start sharing your story. Join in the conversation and be inspired to start writing your book today!

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Sharing Your Story With The World With Authors Angel Tuccy And Lois Koffi

Welcome. I am super excited to be here. We have a couple of great authors that we’re going to get to have the privilege of speaking to in this episode. I’m going to bring the first one on right away. Her name is Lois Koffi. She’s a professional speaker and sales trainer. She’s right in line with what I love. I am super passionate about sales.

She’s the selling author of Fearless Entrepreneurs and an Iron Man triathlete that has coached thousands of people in business and healthy lifestyles for the last couple of years. We have a lot in common and a lot to talk about. She pivoted like many in 2020 without having an email list, a podcast or even a tribe online. She had always focused on face-to-face sales for many years. I had too. I love belly-to-belly. That’s my favorite way to connect with people and Jamie too. Jamie loves connecting belly-to-belly. He’d prefer to see you in person.

She went from zero sales online to five figures a month in less than six months with permission-based lead generation online. She now coaches affiliate marketers and speakers. They hire her to do the same pivoting within six months guaranteed and to live their best life. She’s now a multiple five figures a month in nine months of starting at a ground zero online.

She’s a professional speaker, sales trainer, coach and so much more.

How are you doing?

We’re good. It’s great to see you. I’m so glad you joined us in this episode. I reached out to her on LinkedIn. She didn’t know me from Adam and she still said yes. We connected and it was great to get to know her. I’m super excited. What do you think was the key to your sales success? What was the flip? What happened?

I had to be open and change my mind. I was so against social media marketing. I was so ready to get off of social media to be honest with you. I was also anti-email campaigns and email lists because I thought they were spam and who am I to send emails? Who’s going to open them? I had all these limiting beliefs. As I like to jokingly say, I got religion really fast and recognized.

I had déjà vu, to be honest with you. In the Great Recession in 2007, I lost everything in real estate. I had three companies that were all real estate-related. I was homeless and had my car repossessed the day before my 30th birthday. A coach and a mentor at that time said, “The money is in the list. Build an email list.” This was when Facebook was starting and LinkedIn was still new. I was like, “Why would I do that? That seems silly.” I’d probably be a multimillionaire if I had listened to them.

MTA 3 | Sharing Your Story
Sharing Your Story: Sales is not a swear word. It’s spiritual. It’s your ability to serve another human being.

Fast forward to 2020, it was déjà vu. I was like, “I know what I didn’t do in my last experience. I probably would have been happy I had done it because I would have been pandemic-proof.” I wasn’t ever an online salesperson who’s like, “Give me a business card. Give me the 3-foot rule. You meet me in the bar.” Inevitably, you’re going to end up having a cup of coffee with me. Somehow, you are going to buy or do some business with me within the next 60 days. I never did online sales before. I had to figure it out. Thankfully I hired the right coaches and I was able to be a maniac on a mission and go for it. We had moved to Southern California from Minnesota. My husband’s job was going away or his contract job income was going bye-bye. This was all amidst homeschooling for the first time in the middle of a pandemic and a lot of other stuff.

We have one little one at homeschool. He is our grandson. My daughter is doing most of the work but it’s still a lot of work. To be clear, back in 2007, you had a coach that gave you the advice but you didn’t take the advice. When you made the switch, was this at the beginning of the pandemic?

Yeah. Full disclosure, I’ve been a salesperson for a lot of other industries and companies. In 2019, my spirit said, “You’re such a good salesperson. Why do you have to go and sell and make these companies millions? Why don’t you carve out your own?” I even got a coaching certification. I was all in. I was going to do in-person workshops. I was going to fly around the country and do sales training for companies, corporations and sales teams. That was January of 2020. Everything changed quickly. Again, I didn’t have the email list, podcasts, anything online. Even my LinkedIn profile was dusty. It had some cobwebs on it. A couple of years ago, I would have probably known how to even have a conversation with you to get here.

I’m super passionate about sales. Sales is a dirty word for a lot of people. I love to start helping people to shift their mindset about it because the reality is that we love to shop. We love to buy stuff. I love it when salespeople try to sell me stuff. I love to get sold because I love sales. To me, I don’t look at it as I’m just trying to sell you something and make money. If it’s not going to benefit you, I’m not going to sell it to you.

Number one, permission-based sales and then also, ethical sales. I’m not going to put someone into a deal that’s not going to give them a good ROI or get them the result that they’re looking for. There’s a quote that was in Forbes that I love. It was, “In a world that equates money with power, the best way to help women rise up is to make them wealthy.” I got really passionate about women and money specifically because we’ve got a lot of baggage around money.

I grew up with a lot of scarcity. I can identify with that on so many levels. There’s that whole glass ceiling thing and all that crap. We’re to help each other, serve one another and get paid what we’re worth.

My husband and I termed these ninja thoughts. These are the thoughts that sit on your shoulder. They’re designed to protect your beliefs. In this thought, the ninja is going to come in. If you believe that you don’t deserve it, the ninja is going to protect you that you don’t deserve it. It’s going to be there fighting for you to not deserve it. I grew up in a wealthy family. I was adopted but the underlying message was that women shouldn’t play with money. It’s for men. That was a rough one to get rid of. That was a rough ninja thought that I still fight from time to time.

That’s so ingrained. Our subconscious has been so hardwired. When I was in my twenties, in real estate, I saw Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and all the old greats who inspired me to do what I do now. I’m excited for more female sales trainers to come into this world and change the way because I agree with you. Sales is not a swear word. It’s spiritual. It’s service. It’s your ability to serve another human being. That’s an unlimited income or an unlimited calling. It’s so fulfilling. I want to help shift that paradigm with people because a lot of times, people think of the used car sales approach, which is not so much permission-based.

The money’s in the email list.

I don’t know if you saw that Super Bowl commercial of the guy with jumper cables. The guy was strapped in a car at the car dealership and he was like, “Are you ready to buy?” It seems antiquated but I think people still feel that way. When the pandemic started, I don’t know if you saw this but I got tons of spam of these scarcity messages. Scarcity is forced sales, like, “Watch this video. Buy my stuff. Here’s my link. Join my team.” You don’t know what people are going through. You’re just trying to go for the jugular and have the hunter approach.

That’s partially what I talk about in the book. Part of this is a compilation book if you didn’t know that. I wrote a chapter called the Pandemic Pivot of 2020 and how I, very anti-social media messaging for sales, did a 180 and see it the same way as a handshake or an opportunity to connect with another person over however many miles we may be apart.

It opened the door for us because we were always flying into a location and then setting up a hotel room. We were exhausted because we were jumping time zones. Sometimes, it would be all the way to England, Singapore, wherever. We’re jumping time zones and we’re jet-lagged. We’re getting up the next morning at 7:00 AM to let everybody in at 9:00 AM and make sure everything’s set. We’re not done until 10:00 PM for three days in a row. There are days when we throw on our sports coats and head up to the office. I’m bare feet. I haven’t worn a pair of high heels in years.

What was the moment if you think back to that one point in time where you’re like, “I’m going to write a book,” and you actually took that action?

I’ve done two books. I self-published one during the recession because I had a lot of time on my hands. I decided I have something to say. I don’t know who’s going to listen but I have something to say. I had a little bit of that experience back then, then motherhood took over. I don’t know if anybody’s ever had mom brain. It was so sad. I still remember this because I used to blog or write something every day before kids. After having kids, I lost my creative flow. It went to my children, which is a beautiful thing. It’s a great gift but I was really sad to not pick up and write again.

The pandemic, interim stage is what got me to slow down because I had gotten on the hamster wheel of life. I was becoming a seven-day-a-week workaholic, not seeing my kids, going to all these different things and working nights and weekends. That wasn’t me but I thought I had to. When I started my podcast, it’s called Healthy N Wealthy N Wise, I was like, “I’m coming back to Lois. I’m coming back to the center. Thank you, pandemic for being the massive silver lining and wake-up call.” My brother dropped dead at 49. My mom died right after him. I also had two friends commit suicide in a short period of time right at the beginning of the pandemic on top of everything else. I had a swift kick in the butt and a wake-up call multiple times over. I said, “Life is short. Who knows what tomorrow will bring and when I’ll be drawing my last breath?”

I got invited to be a part of this book compilation. I was already starting to think about what my next book is going to be. I wrote my compilation or the chapter over Christmas break. It was my first full week off at Christmas and probably over a decade, where I did nothing but write, sleep, eat, rinse and repeat, hanging out with the kids and all of the fun stuff. That was a long answer to your question but it was a whole bunch of stuff that was going on within me that said I got to leave something behind. I do talk about my story and how 2020 woke me up to my truth and overcame a lot of fears. Hence the name The Fearless Entrepreneurs. That’s what happened.

2020 woke a lot of people up. When we go through our hardest times and Jamie and I have a three-step to overcoming obstacles, it’s almost like being put to the fire. That’s when change takes place because that’s when we get resourceful. We don’t get resourceful until we hit our oh crap moment. The way the brain thinks is like, “Crap. I can’t live like this anymore. I’m going to die. I got to fix this,” but what if we could get resourceful now? What if we could tap into that before we hit that oh crap moment? 2020 did that for a lot of us.

MTA 3 | Sharing Your Story
Sharing Your Story: Life is short. Who knows what tomorrow will bring and when you’ll be drawing your last breath. So if you’re going to leave something behind, leave a book.

It has been tough. I don’t want to negate anybody that lost somebody to this. What I try to teach our grandson is if it can be fixed with money, it’s not a problem. The bigger problems are illness, sickness and death. Those are the actual, real problems because if we can get resourceful, we can figure out the time and the money. That’s never going to be a problem. If you have a carburetor that breaks down or your car breaks down and you needed to fix it but you don’t have $2,000 to fix it, you’d figure it out. You’ll get resourceful. That’s what happened to almost all of us at the beginning of 2020. We went, “We got to pivot. We got to figure this out.”

What Lois was saying there in regards to being a coach or an entrepreneur, when 2020 happened, that skillset amplified because of the situation. It was like, “This is what’s going on in my environment. How do I work with it to my benefit and someone else’s benefit?” That’s the sales approach. This is to my benefit and your benefit. If it’s just your benefit then I’m your servant. If it’s just my benefit then I’m a manipulator.

If it helps you, me and both of us then that’s an act of combined effort. Things have changed dramatically but that goal of still being able to help people, provide for my family and be able to do the things I want to do, that goal still exists. There’s always an answer and a way. A lot of the times, people don’t like the way or the answer. That’s why they stay in the comfort zone of something that’s like, “I don’t like this change. I’m not happy.” I’m going to go into the victim’s state of, “I don’t like this because there’s no answer.” There was an answer.

You just didn’t like the answer or advice.

That’s great that you took action and made changes. Things have been highly beneficial since then. What’s one of the surprising things that came about by doing this?

I don’t know if surprising is the right word. It was refreshing to go back to the center, not work nights and weekends anymore and make way more money now than when I was on the hamster wheel going through that fake it until you make it, go, go, go, push, push, push because I did that for seven years and it was exhausting. I’m being able to have now the capital and the income coming in on almost autopilot and going, “I don’t feel like working right now. I get to read a book?” Also, I’m being a better friend, mom and wife. I am able to apologize to my children like, “Mommy really didn’t work smart for seven years and she missed out on half of your life so we’re going to make up for that.”

We live in Southern California so it was easy to travel. We went to Big Bear and Santa Barbara a couple of times. We also went to Orange County and did some staycations. I’m making up for lost time even amidst a pandemic. I had to go through a lot of grief therapy and counseling too amidst that. I was allowing myself to heal. Whereas a few years ago, when my dad died, it was like, “Push it down. I got to keep working. I got to work harder.” It was all of the lies that we were fed for a long time in the sales industry, especially. It was that work hard, play hard mentality.

It was a very masculine way of selling. That’s how they communicate. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just the way that they communicate but it was very much push, push, push and handling objections rather than actively listening and connecting with somebody on where they are and meeting them where they are.

Sales start with a conversation, then comes building that trust and rapport.

You’re right. There’s a book. It’s an intense book about how society is addicted to fear. It’s exactly to your point is why I brought that up. It’s studying that and realizing that’s why sales can be a swear word and why people push and push. It’s because of that masculine energy. We have both feminine and masculine inside of us. Why can’t we play to our strengths and leverage both of them? It’s part of what I love about what I learned in 2020.

What is one of the key elements that the reader will get from your chapter in this book?

We got to give a shout-out to Lynda Sunshine West. She is the publishing company and the person who invited me. She’s a dear friend of mine. It’s not just my story. You guys are going to get minds and hearts blown open with gratitude, joy and overcoming inspirational story upon story. I chronologize step-by-step every month almost pretty much from how I went from 0 in my email list to 5,000 in six months. I went from $0 and almost no money even in those first three months to five figures in month five and then how I was able to launch a top 20 podcast all inside of that. I don’t give every detail because it’s only one chapter and they limited me to 1,500 words. My four-step proven formula that was layered in that was able to help me build from, again, ground zero to a great foundation but now, I can help coach other people.

Truly, my story is if Lois can do it, anybody can do it. It’s just not everyone will. That’s why I wanted to write that out in such a way so that it gives people a look under the hood of like, “That’s incredible.” As a result, I’ve had gifts upon gifts and opportunities upon opportunities because once you build an email list and have a podcast, the door is open. The summit stages happen. All of these things that I never ever knew existed came about as a result of that step-by-step month-by-month process.

I love that you help men and women. I also love that heart-based selling or that true connection. That’s why I’m so passionate about sales. I eat it and I breathe it. Jamie’s like, “Ah.” He’s all about the fun. I’m all about the sales.

I want to applaud you for that because I do a lot of DMs now or Direct Messaging. That’s where a lot of sales happen for me. It all starts with a conversation. We’re building that trust and rapport. I love your energy. When your passion exudes through the computer, anything is possible. I’m so grateful to have met you guys.

That’s what Jamie teaches. Jamie teaches those how to connect and how to connect virtually. Everything we did was live. He has a background in film and entertainment. In fact, he was with Warner Bros. Movie World for three years in Japan. Am I getting that wrong?

Way wrong.

MTA 3 | Sharing Your Story
Sharing Your Story: Never say no to interviews because you can repurpose them on social media or into podcasts.

I always get it wrong.

Warner Bros. Movie World for over ten years.

Not only did he do the live-action stunt shows but he also choreographed them, wrote them and learned how to connect with the audience. Now, what we’re doing is we’re helping some of our clients to learn how to connect through the computer and let your energy, passion and everything come through. It’s really important in this day and age.

Authenticity is the key. Everyone started taking off the masks. I know I did. I was tired of wearing it. Also, be you. It’s amazing. I’ll have to have you guys on my podcast. That’d be fun. 

We would love that. Thank you so much for coming on. @LoisKoffi is that on Instagram or Facebook? Where can they find you?

It’s my Facebook and Instagram handle.

Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure. Have a good one.

Our next gal that we are bringing on, I’m so excited to talk to her because I haven’t seen her in forever. She is an amazing lady. She’s gorgeous and super fun. She has one of the cutest personalities ever. She’s a nationally syndicated radio host and media trainer. She’s a best-selling author. Her radio show has won best morning radio show three years in a row. She hosts four hours of radio five days a week in Denver, Colorado. Angel has hosted over 2,000 broadcasts and she has interviewed over 5,000 guests. I’m a little nervous to interview the interviewer. Angel is the winner of the Most Innovative Business of the Year. She has been named Inspirational Woman Leader of the Year. She’s incredible. Welcome, Angel.

You cannot grow a business fast enough if you’re building it one person at a time.

It’s so good to see you. How are you doing?

We haven’t seen you in years. Chicago was the last time we saw you.

It had to be Chicago years ago. Where are you now?

We’re in Vegas. We’re traveling for a while with the small business expo. We would see you there at many of those. Tell us what they’re going to learn from this book.

First of all, thanks for having the book pulled up. It is a number one hot new release. This is my fifteenth published book. I can’t believe that I’ve written fifteen. I remember writing my first one. It was like pulling teeth to get content out and to finally put something out on paper. I was part of a huge project with twelve women. They said, “I want to write a book.” They’ve always wanted to but life gets in the way. We all came together back in March 2021 and said we were going to hold each other accountable. We’re going to all publish our own books and we’re going to stay on track. I had done it before.

We gave a timeline for how much content to pull together and different milestones that had to be hit during that time. All twelve women at the same time published their own book and then turn that book into a bestseller on August 29th 2021. This is one of twelve books that were all published altogether, which was an incredible accomplishment because a lot of times, when you get twelve authors together, they’re writing a chapter, like your last guest and then done that. What a great opportunity to be involved in a project like that. Each one of us has published our very own book. There’s health and wellness, technology or skincare. We have everything. This one is called Get Discovered: Using Media Interviews to Grow Your Business, Book & Brand. It’s what I teach and do. It’s how I have leveraged growing my business for the last couple of years doing interviews on what I call OPP, Other People’s Platforms.

We have a running show that has done very well on Amazon Live. We’re adding more shows. I reached out to you specifically because I was like, “She’s not going to say no to an interview. She teaches this all day long. I’m going to contact Angel.” Sure enough, I messaged you and immediately, you were like, “Sure.”

I drink my own Kool-Aid. What I teach is two interviews a week. It puts you in front of 100 new audiences every single year. It’s a really fun way to grow your business and your brand. Before that, years ago, I did a lot of networking, going to events, doing one-on-one meetings or coffee meetings and realized that you cannot grow a business fast enough if you’re going to build it one person at a time. We teach.

MTA 3 | Sharing Your Story
Sharing Your Story: Everyone has something to share with the world but they always talk themselves out of it. It doesn’t matter if the audience doesn’t know who you are. Just build trust, be authentic, and get your story out there.

I happened to be a talk show host and on radio at the time. I started leveraging what we were teaching our advertisers on how to get more impact for their advertising dollar. It turns out it works the same whether you’re advertising dollars or you have no advertising budget to go and be a guest in front of somebody else’s audiences. There are new shows happening and starting every single week. They’re looking for quality guests and great content. They’re bringing an audience together. You have something great to add value so put your hands together and go and prosper.

Thank you so much. You recommend two shows a week. In your book, do you teach us how to find those shows?

There’s a really simple formula for finding great content and places to be featured. If you’re into podcasts, we have a matchmaking Facebook group that matches podcasters to great guests but if you type into Google your subject matter or what you are an expert in and you click on News, it’ll give you an instant database of media outlets that are covering your topic. There are millions or thousands. If you think about what your expertise is, Amy, what’s your expertise?


I type in sales into Google and I look up news outlets. There are nine zeros. How many is that? Is that a billion?

That’s a lot.

WIRED magazine, Forbes magazine, Yahoo, CNBC, New York Magazine and Star Tribune, would these be great media opportunities for you to be interviewed on?

That’d be awesome.

You don’t have to be great to start. You just have to start to be great.

Google is our friend when you know how to use it. There are hundreds of thousands of media opportunities happening every single day. Those are just the news outlets but there are brand-new podcasts that are starting all of the time. There are also Facebook groups social media groups and Clubhouse groups. All of them are out there looking for guests. If you’ve got a great media pitch or topic that you cover and I teach you how to match up that topic inside the book, how to find that right topic that you’re passionate about that there are media opportunities for it and that there’s money in the space because I want you to be able to monetize your exposure. We teach you and walk you through all of that inside the book.

We have a fan base on Amazon that loves us and we love them too. We give them prizes. We buy their friendship.

It works. Amazon is such a great marketing and sales partner especially for authors. A lot of times, they tell you that there’s no money in the book. I’ve heard this from the stage for years. They say all the money is in the back end and in the high-end customers but there’s a lot of money in book sales. In fact, it’s the most ideal low ticket offer that you can put out into the world. I call it hashtag fund the life.

If there’s a bill you want to pay, a vacation you want to go on, you want to hire a coach or invest in inventory, most of the time, we think, “How many customers do I need to serve if I want to increase my income? I need more customers.” What if I told you, you could increase your income with zero new customers all by selling your books? If you do two interviews a week and you’re sending folks to go onto Amazon, which is an amazing sales partner and purchase your book, you can hashtag fund the life.

Think about how many books do you need to sell in order to do that thing. If you’re selling 25 copies every time you go and do a media interview, that’s 200 copies a month. That’s about $5,000 in sales. That’s no chicken scratch. Amazon loves it because now, you’re boosting sales twice a week. You’re bringing customers to their platform. They also boost it. They’ll send it out in emails, put your book up along with other people and say, “Other people who saw this found you too.” They become an amazing sales partner. 100 sales a day is $1 million. You don’t need new customers. You do you. You live your life. Don’t sell your time. Sell your knowledge.

Amazon is a really cool partner and it has been my favorite platform. We’ve done lives on all the other platforms but Amazon is my favorite. Amazon knows you better than even Facebook knows you. They know everything you buy and everything you’re doing. Amazon is a great platform for creators because when we go live, we have what’s called a Carousel. You can’t see it where you’re at but if you were on the live platform watching us, we can link 40 different products below us.

On Amazon Live, I have all your books. I grabbed as many of your books as I could find and put them on the Carousel. I have yours featured at the top. When I click on that, I’m now featuring your book. What’s super cool about that is if I went to your Amazon page, our live is now on your page. Now, we’re borrowing traffic from you as well.

The other thing that they do is I believe it’s the first ten in your Carousel. They’ll link you on those pages too so you’re getting discovered in many different ways. Amazon has great ways to push you out and push out the content. They’re putting a lot of leverage on Amazon Lives. I never say no to interviews. Here’s the thing, we might be fairly new on this interview, however, I’m also putting this out as a show. I will be repurposing this on all my social media. I’ll be blasting this out over and over again. Especially with shows, when I get into a show, I go back to the very first episode. I want to listen to it from the beginning.

MTA 3 | Sharing Your Story
The Fearless Entrepreneurs

I listen to all of the episodes and try to catch up. Some of them are difficult because some of them have 500 episodes but I still want to go back to the very first episode. I reached out to this lady on LinkedIn and I said, “We’re launching the show next week.” She goes, “I only do proven shows.” I was like, “Okay. All the best.” I thought, “Good luck trying to get on in the future.”

I say the same thing. We all started somewhere. When you think about podcasts and shows, it’s those beginning shows that get the most views and traffic because people often do start at the beginning even if the show is established. I love being a part of somebody’s success story too. I don’t want to wait, like, “Go and prove yourself and then come back to me.” I want to be able to say, “I was there at the beginning. I was there when it came about. I was part of that.” The reason you lasted for 500 episodes was that you did 5. There’s something about being there for somebody in the very beginning and being that support. We all had somebody that supported us and who said yes to us when we were an unproven concept. God bless them.

If you can encourage everyone to grow in some way then we get more growth in our environment. Through more growth, we get more opportunities, fun, wealth and everything. It’s much better as you’re climbing up the ladder to reach back and help other people up than try to climb over somebody.

This is a wonderful little story. When I was in the field of Street Fighter, there was an extra there. I was friends with him and chatted with him. It turns out that the reason he was there is that he was a writer whose film had been picked up for production. He was the writer of the next feature film that was being made in the studios. He was there as an extra because they wanted him to have an understanding on how film works because the story was being modified. I’m like, “This is the guy everyone’s going to want to be best friends with,” but they were treating him like, “You’re just an extra. You’re not up to where I am.” Everybody is heading somewhere. Help them along.

You never know who you’re sitting next to. We all have great potential. Our potential is in that network of who do we know and who we are connected to. I hadn’t seen you guys but I adore you anyway. When you reached out, it made good sense to say yes. I get to hang out and spend time with you. At the same time, I get to promote my book and what I’m doing to a whole fresh new audience that I would not have had any access to even if that audience is petite. It’s still people that I wouldn’t have known otherwise and they wouldn’t have known me. What a disservice? How selfish am I to say that your people don’t need to know me either?

We don’t know who that one person is. For example, there’s a brand-new show, a different platform or a different brand. Those are three people. One of those people might have a company with 1,000 employees that all need that this book. It doesn’t matter. You’re reaching out. If you share, you’ve got the chance to be heard and make a difference. Those that make a difference become remembered and that’s wonderful.

Jim Rohn said, “You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great.” What we think is ordinary is magic to other people. We have to step up and share our light because people need to hear that story. They need to hear what you’ve been through. They need that hope and laughter. If that person can do it, I can truly do it. We don’t have to be perfect and have it all figured out and altogether. We’re all turning and trying to figure things out. Some of us have been on the road a little bit longer. Sometimes, all you need to hear is like, “I need to stay in the course a little bit longer and I’ll get through it.”

I always hear the same. They say, “I need to get my ducks in a row,” but if you look at the way that ducks get in a row, they get in a row in motion. They don’t just stand there and get in a row. They’re in motion while they get into their row. It’s being in that motion that helps us get started and getting started is the hardest part. One of the preconceptions that people have about doing media interviews is that they have to be some sort of celebrity but you help business people to get more discovered. Is that correct?

Don’t let status keep you from sharing your goodness with the world.

This is the thing. We all have something to share with the world. We’ll talk ourselves out of it. We’re like, “I’m not good enough. I don’t have a big enough audience.” It doesn’t matter. The audience doesn’t know. If you can share your story, be authentic. Build that know, like and trust factor. Especially if you’ve written the book on it, I love to introduce people as the expert. In fact, they’re writing the book on it or have written the book on it because it does elevate you but don’t let status keep you from sharing your goodness with the world. You’ll elevate to it but you still have to start so start by doing podcasts. Start by swapping stages with other people who serve the same client.

Even going upstream or downstream, there are people who serve the same client as you do but with a completely different product. You could do stage swapping or podcast swaps. There are so many opportunities. 2 interviews a week is 100 stages a year. That’s amazing. You can’t write enough emails, LinkedIn messages or direct messages in order to get in front of that type of audience.

Social media is noisy and crowded. We’re all trying to find the new shiny in order to get ourselves out in front of new people whereas there are opportunities every day right in front of you. Take your sales hat off for a minute. Put your PR hat on and think like a publicist. Think about what added value you can bring and what stories can you share because good stories get good airtime. It isn’t so much about facts and figures because we can learn everything. We can look everything up online but if you can tell stories, if you can engage, be interesting and call the conversation and then lead them back to go buy your book, right then and there is a beautiful business plan.

We all have a story to tell. Being in the industry for the length of time that we all have, we’ve got some embarrassing, interesting or humorous stories that are something like, “I can’t believe that happened.” Do you have anything like that that you’d love to share?

I’m in my shorts because my whole family has had COVID. I’ve been sicker than a dog for a week. Five minutes before I came on, I did a dry shampoo through my hair and put my lipstick on.

I would never have guessed you are sick with COVID.

Love, blessings and praise to you and all your family.

Thank you. We’re getting through it. It is no joke. This thing is so wicked and scary but we can’t let fear stop us. We can’t let this stuff get the best of us. The world needs our story and goodness.

MTA 3 | Sharing Your Story
Get Discovered: Using Media Interviews to Grow Your Business, Book & Brand

That is such a beautiful, wonderful story. An example of everything that you’ve talked to us and of what’s in your book is that it’s like, “Go as far as you can go. This is what’s happening, yet I can still make this commitment by making a few adjustments. I’m not going to put my high heels on. I’m going to do what I can.”

It is so nice that you get to do it from home. We don’t have to go into a studio. We don’t have to get all dressed up. I’m barefoot.

I have not put on a pair of high heels since COVID started because I’ve been home this entire time. I’m getting a little spoiled. I don’t even know if I can wear them anymore.

We went out to dinner and it was not pretty. My husband was like, “Did you forget how to wear them?” I said, “Apparently.”

They’re not easy to wear. I had to wear them for a show many years ago.

I have an embarrassing story. The first time I ever went onto a stage, I went running up the stairs and tripped and fell flat on my face.

I’ve never fallen or tripped on stage. It was probably close to it while going up and down the steps but it has never happened. I was that girl who had stage fright in high school. I had a big fear of public speaking. My voice would clam up. I couldn’t get a word out edgewise. I pretty much overcame that but every now and again, my throat will dry up completely. You’re freaking out and panicking over water but I did ten years of radio from Denver, Colorado. I hosted four hours of talk radio every day. My first year after leaving broadcasting, I spoke on over 100 stages. When COVID hit, we went to Zoom, webinars and live streaming. It has been a blessing and a curse because we’ve been able to stay as connected to so many people because of technology because if we weren’t, we would be even lonelier than we are now. This thing is no joke and I hate it but God bless technology.

We had it in February of 2019. We were sick the entire month. He came back from overseas and gave me the funk. I haven’t been able to taste for the last few years but now it’s starting to come back. After I got vaccinated, I got my taste back a little bit but I’m on some other therapies that are starting to help that come back. Now, I’m getting my tastebuds back. It’s brutal. It’s not nice. Follow her up on social media If you want to ask her any questions personally. If you want to get to know her a little bit better, you can find her on any of the socials. She’s on all of them. Books are power because knowledge is power so get reading. It’s important. We will see you again in the next episode.

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